The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm afraid to even use either of those words to describe a year with three might jinx 2013.  2012 was different than 2011.  2011 was so full of fear and unknown.  We needed 2012 to be calmer and quieter emotionally (there truly is nothing calm or quiet about our household...ask my sister-in-law who seems to always FaceTime us in the middle of a crisis!).  We seemed to settle into normalcy.  Two boys actively involved in sports (10 months of the year)...double the practices, double the games and now that Ian is in kindergarten, double the homework.  We increased Hailey's physical and speech therapies because she needed the challenges.  She was meeting her other goals and was in constant need for re-vamped ones. 

Hailey has settled into the role of little sister.  She is constantly into the boys' toys, video games and in their faces.  She doesn't like being ignored and makes sure they are aware of where she is at all times....if not, she will crawl in their lap and hug them.  She is tolerating the practices...I use that term loosely because she enjoys them less and less every week.  Unfortunately, the days of her peacefully sitting in a stroller being easily entertained are ending and we are entering full fledged toddlerhood.   The flirt that she is...generally she finds an older boy or even dads (occasionally a mom or two) to talk to her and play with her. 

I think I have finally adjusted to mothering 3 children....some days it is easier than others.  We still can't seem to make it to church on time, but at least they are all clean and dressed :-)

The boys  are like most big brothers.  They love their sister, but don't want to play with her 100% of the time.  They are annoyed when she tears up something of theirs or won't leave them alone, but they can make her laugh quicker than anyone I know. 

2012 has been good to us.  Knock on wood, we have been relatively healthy.  Hailey had good check ups with her pediatrician, ophthalmologist, audiologist, and cardiologist.  She only had one ear infection, a couple of colds and a stomach bug that produced a horrible diaper rash.  We had a great vacation to Disney (despite the heat), two big celebrations (Hailey's first birthday and Brayden's first communion) and have two new nephews and one new niece.  We participated in our first Buddy Walk and are planning on making it an annual family event and celebrated Hailey's first heart day!  We are looking forward to 2013 as the boys continue to amaze us and Hailey continues to learn new things and finds new ways to entertain us.

Happy New Year to all!!!

Here's a few pics to look back on 2012....the many faces of Hailey and the many odd places that girl sleeps!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Week...finally!

Christmas 2012 is now part of our history.  The pictures to one day be commemorated in a scrapbook (one day far, far away!)  We always celebrate at our house the day before traveling.  It gives the kids a chance to open and play with their new stuff before taking off to visit with family.  Santa came while we were at the grocery store...and after Dad came to bring keys to Mom because she locked hers in the van. 

The calm before the storm.....

This might have been his favorite present...he likes to argue with the men in the family (the Raiders fan, the Cowboys fan, the Raiders fan, and the Bengals fan!)

Too much commotion, so she climbed up with Dad and watched from above.

The aftermath (after I picked up twice!)

Bray's fave gift

The horse was a hit with Hailey!

Jason had to work Christmas Eve so we had a late start to IN.  The kids were all excited and bouncing off the walls by the time we got there.  Hailey wasn't too thrilled with the gifts, but she was obsessed with the babies.  She loved the fact that Landon was in his bouncy seat.  It gave her full access to him.  For the most part, she was gentle, but got a little too excited a couple of times.  Jaxon is a little bigger so she didn't know what to think of him, but when he was sitting, she found him to be a great asset when she pulled herself to stand :-)  Hailey's favorite gift seemed to be a box of clothes.  She looked them all over as she took them out and then put them back in the box. 

Is she watching over Jaxon or hiding before someone takes the remote & marker from her?

I love this picture!

New game...Where's Jaxon?

Dylan being brave enough to take the remote from Hailey.

Shea being goofy with Uncle J.

Being "gentle" with Jaxon

Ian all excited to give Uncle Scott a lump of coal.

Early Christmas morning, we headed to my parent's house.  Hailey didn't seem too interest in the presents...just paper.  She spent most of the time playing with the toys in the other room.  I don't think she is fond of the chaos of 9 kids opening presents :-)

Grandkids on my side.

Hailey thought Andy was funny.

Did you see who is in that mirror?

Ian was quite serious opening gifts.

Ahh....a new baby!

Brayden finding out he is getting guitar lessons to go with his new guitar.

Unfortunately, there was a substantial snowstorm headed to the Midwest Christmas night.  None of the computer models agreed on the amount of snow so we didn't take a chance and headed home Christmas night.  We were all sad not being able to spend more time with our family, but the main thing is we did get to spend Christmas with all of them.  We made it home before the snow and relaxed at home for a couple of days :-)

Round 1 of the snow...Bray making snow angels.

Now gearing up for New Year's Eve.  Not sure what is on the agenda yet, but we are looking forward to 2013.  2012 was our catch up/relax year.  2011 was so raw with emotion...fear...elation.  2012 was much lower key and we have settled into life.  The normal we thought we would never have emerged and we enjoyed the chaos of life with 3 children.  I wouldn't change it for the world!!!

Next week I promise an update on what Hailey has been up to and what new skills she has been showcasing.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!