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The Hailey Herald

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Life with our 2 year pictures

I seem to get into a blog lull after October and writing for 31 days.  We've had a lot going on, just can't seem to make myself sit down and write about it.  I have a ton of things to write about but for tonight, I'll just fill in what we've been up to because a few of the items need an entire post to work through.

The week of Thanksgiving, we had our first meeting with the school district's preschool.  If she qualifies (Ds does not automatically qualify you for services), she will be in a classroom that is half typical and half atypical.  She will only get pulled out for physical therapy to work on stairs.  OT and Speech will happen in the classroom.  Hailey has her evaluation for OT and Speech on Monday, weather permitting (silly Ohio weather).

Thanksgiving was just the 5 of us.  My husband worked during the day.  Unfortunately working for the hospitality industry, he works when most people are on holiday or vacations.  That evening we had our Thanksgiving celebration with enough food to feed 3 additional families.  I was able to sneak out after dinner to hit a few sales while the kids hung out with Dad.

Since then we have been busy with the boys' schedules.  Hailey's has cleared now that our session of Kindermusik is over and we finished our last speech therapy set.  Both boys play basketball and seem to have lots of homework recently.  We are ready for Christmas.  Hailey will tell you that Santa says "Wo, Wo, Wo" and loves to sign tree.  She likes to remove the occasional stocking from the fireplace and random Mickey's from the tree (we have one tree with just Disney ornaments and she loves Mickey).  We currently have a window sill that is housing all the "Hailey has gotten" ornaments... we need a tube of superglue.

I'm looking forward to watching Hailey this Christmas.  The first Christmas she was little and didn't seem to care about any of it.  Last Christmas she only wanted boxes and paper.  I'm hoping this year she will get into it a little more. might overwhelm her.  You never know what's going on inside the mind of a 2 year old!

Here are a lot of pics that shows what Hailey has been doing the past couple of weeks.....

 Lounging around....

Stealing big brother's snacks

Examining toys

Helping with Thanksgiving dinner

Sneaking a few bites here and there.

Drawing pictures of what we are thankful for

Climbing on the couch just so we can yell "I'm stuck, I'm stuck"

Stealing the remote control to try to find Doc McStuffins

Stealing the ipad to work on her Christmas list.

Cleaning the neighbor's house.

Loving on the neighbor's cat

Flashing those dimples and getting excited

Wrestling with her brothers

Working on her dance moves

Enjoying lunch dates with mom and dad.

Lastly, enjoying this snowy weather


  1. That's interesting that Down syndrome doesn't automatically qualify her for service. It does here in Minnesota, so we've never had an issue. Of course when Owen turns 7, he'll have to do all that testing since the requirements for services do change then.

    Is that your house all decorated with lights?? It's beautiful! And the snow (even though I find I hate more as I age) makes it extra pretty. Owen loves the lights on Christmas trees and people's homes this year, so we hear a lot of clapping and giggling when we drive around at night.

    1. It is INSANE that it doesn't automatically qualify her! She almost didn't make it because she did so well. Long story. I'll have to share sometime. Yes, that's our house. I hate colored lights but I have to admit, it does look good :-) I loathe the snow anymore :-)

  2. Ah, that last picture is my all time favorite! I am wondering if Russell will enjoy Christmas more this year too...He is also very interested in the boxes and wrapping paper...Or if he opens one present, he's good. He can't be bothered to open any more cause he's to busy playing! lol

    1. I don't figure she will open too many. If she gets a toy to play with or a book to read, she will be done :-)

  3. i love all the pictures. Please send Hailey to clean my house. Anyway, it sounds like you have been pretty busy!

    1. I think we are buying her a broom for her birthday :-)