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The Hailey Herald

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blog Hop: Truth, Tip and a Photo

This post is part of a monthly blog hop...on the 21st of each month (in honor of the extra 21st chromosome).  Yes, today is the 22nd, but I didn't want to shock anyone with two posts in one day :-)

Truth:  You will never be the person you were before your child with Ds was born.  Life has changed.  You will go through a range of emotions that are strong and raw.  You will see, feel and smell life differently.  More clearly.  You will see the world in a different light.  Some of that is for the best and some of that not.  You will realize that life is too short for drama.  As a result, relationships in your life will change.  Some of those relationships will be stronger.  New relationships will emerge that you did not anticipate.  Some relationships will diminish.  The latter is out of your control and you just have to let them go.  No matter how much you advocate for your child, some people will not see him/her in the same light.  It will be their loss to not know your child better.  Bid them farewell (it's too much drama).  Fill your life with those who welcome your changes.  On the flip side, you will have some people that purposely put themselves in your path because of your child. 

Tip:  Find a support group that fits your life, your situation.  Whether it be you have a child with Ds, CP, or any medical issues (feeding tubes, chiari, etc.)  You won't always need them, but they will be there when you do.  They have been through the range of emotions you are going through.  You can scream, vent, cry and laugh...they won't judge you because they have been there.

"I read baby"

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  1. Very, very, very good advice! Love seeing Hailey with some books!

    1. Oh, Stephanie, that girl always has a book in her hands. She is constantly handing a book to someone saying "read". In the course of a day, I would say all 4 of us read at least 3-5 to her...I hope that pays off when it comes time for her to learn to read :-)