The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sometimes the best thing is nothing at all

From day one as a parent, you question if you are doing the right thing for your children.  Using the right products...teaching the right things...feeding the proper the right supplements...etc.  Having a child with special needs magnifies all those insecurities.  We are on a few week break from therapy due to vacations and scheduling issues.  I was extremely distraught and worried about the lack of therapy and what it would do to Hailey...would it hinder her, would she hit a plateau?

Well the kids and I took a quick trip to Indiana to visit family next week.  The kids' aunt is very pregnant and hasn't been able to make the trip to see us since February.  We hoped she would have the baby while we were there but no such luck!  We did have a great visit with everyone and the kids got their aunt/uncle/cousin/grandparent fix for a little while :-)

Our biggest issue now is....Hailey is spoiled!  She has required more attention since we came home and she's not afraid to voice her opinion over not getting as much attention.  While we were there, Hailey signed more than before...all done, more, eat...waving on command (both bye and hi).  We did hear one "papaw"...I wasn't the only one who heard it...I have witnesses.  She started cruising along the furniture now (before it was like her feet were planted in concrete.)

Needless to say, I was so happy to see my little peanut do great with just playing with everyone and being herself!

Working on patience...waiting for cake

Playing patty cake with cousin Shea

Mmmmm...ring pops

Singing more feverishly

Telling Mamaw "more" again

Aunt Staci doesn't believe I want "more"

It worked...see my blue tongue :-)

Sugar High!

I learned I could give Skip the extra food I didn't want!

I turned cousin Dyl into an amusement ride

It was fun!

He's my buddy...I love him

Hmmm...Uncle Shane's new puppies

Not sure what to think

Squishy face came back
 Grandma showed her how to play with the giraffe ball toy once and she did it all by herself!

She was doing great with the rings!

I'll let you come up with a caption for this one!

Ugh...patience again...I really want that cake.

I love my Uncle Scott

And lots of kisses for Aunt Kerri

I love my family but I was happy to be home.

Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Glad you had fun. It's nice to see development speed up when you're not working so hard, isn't it? She had so much stimulation I'm not surprised.

  2. Miss Hailey, you are a trip and a half! She is so cute! Sometimes it takes a change in environment :)

  3. It looks like Hailey is doing just fine! Hailey deserves to be spoiled:) She's the youngest and the only girl. If someday I have a daughter after 2 boys I can foresee a lot of spoiling too!

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