The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacation...Home Sweet Home

The boys and I counted down the days for vacation so long that it is hard to believe it is already over.  Suitcases have been unpacked...laundry washed folded and returned to their proper places...souvenirs put away and all the visuals of my wonderful memories downloaded to my computer.

We generally visit Disney World with my husband's entire family (next year's trip there will be 19 of us), but we weren't able to make the trip last year because it was too close to Hailey's OHS.  The boys asked if we could go this year so it was just the 5 of us.  It was a busy was tiring at was hot but we had a great time.  We loved listening to the boys give us their "favorites" of the week...favorite ride, favorite character, favorite meal, etc.  We had lots of funny one-liners.  On the way into Epcot, my oldest asked where we were headed.  Jason said, "We are going to Mexico for lunch."  Brayden followed with, "Dad, do we really have to do culture today?"  One evening the bus driver ran over the curb as he was parking the bus.  From the back of the bus, Ian yells, "Good driving, buddy."  Jason and I apologized to other passengers and they commented that he only said what they were thinking!  I convinced my oldest to ride the Aerosmith coaster but failed to mention that it went upside down.  After the ride was over, he looked at me and said, "Mom, we went so fast, it felt like we went upside down!"  Don't worry, I fessed up :-)  They both loved seeing the characters and loved the rides.  My oldest left his comfort zone and rode everything (and LOVED them!).

Hailey was a trooper and a little social bee.  She waved, smiled, laughed, and blew kisses to anyone who would make eye contact with her.  Her signing has improved...more, eat, milk were her favorites,  with an occasional all done.  She also learned the word "no".  She said it twice on the trip and is now saying "papaw" more frequently.  She didn't get to work on gross motor as much since she did spend some time riding in the stroller, but she worked on other things.  She did fabulous on the plane...ate anything we would give her...became a little too comfortable with dessert every night!...she even did good with most of the characters.  She was not too fond of some of the shows...dark and loud noises together don't always go over too well with her.

I think they are all happy to be home but we had a great trip filled with great memories!

I won't bore you with all the are a few....(too many!) and I will probably bore you with more once I get my cd from Disney with the other pics :-)

First flight!

Let's hit the pool!

Hmm...who is this?

Lounging with Dad

Me & my brothers

First ride for Hailey!

My family with Mickey & Minne

I want in the water!

Piglet was one of Hailey's favorites

Me & Dad waiting on my brothers

Happy Father's Day!

I like her!

Hmmm...he has a large face.

This is a good view

Last day....I think they look ready to go home!


  1. Such wonderful pictures and memories! I laughed out loud when I read about the rollercoaster - that's so funny! Glad you fessed up, though. :-)

  2. I am super jealous. Heck, right now I'd just settle for stepping outside. Soon, though! Love all the pictures!

  3. Your last day looked like our last day of our trip:) There is no place like home. Your trip looked like a blast!