The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Friday, March 15, 2013

Another 2 Year Appt

Hailey's birthday generally brings a long list of doctor's and therapy appointments.  I shared cardio with you last week and her EI evaluation a few weeks ago.  This week we had her 2 year well check.  We had no shots (which after having a blood draw a couple of weeks ago, I was super happy about this!)

Hailey was not thrilled with this appointment.  She didn't want to be weighed...she didn't want her height checked....forget about her head measurement.  Let's see...not happy with her eyes checked...or her ears...or her mouth...not even thrilled with her heart and lungs listened to.  This is new to me.  The boys were always very compliant at the doctor's office and the dentist.  Apparently according to the doctor, they were  not typical.  Most toddlers don't enjoy going to the doctor.  Fancy that, Hailey is acting like a typical toddler and the boys were atypical.

In the end, the doctor did get to see and hear everything he wanted to.  Lungs and heart sounded good.  Teeth (although they are a crooked, hot mess) are good.  Tonsils appeared normal.  Ears didn't have fluid in them.  Eyes reacted appropriately.  Her growth has been fantastic.  She is 34" tall and 25 lbs.  This puts her in the 45th percentile for both height and weight on the typical chart.  A lot of children I know with Ds are not even on the chart or they are hanging on by a very narrow margin.  Looks like peanut isn't quite a peanut anymore!

I did ask for a referral for endocrinology.  Hailey has her thyroid numbers checked every 6 months with a blood draw.  Over the past year, her numbers have started to increase slightly.  It could be nothing, but it could be a sign of hypothyroidism.  The side effects of hypothyroidism are weight gain, constipation, hair loss, fatigue, depression, cognitive impairment and decreased heart rate.  None of those are things I want to go through, I don't want Hailey to have to deal with them either.  So we will get it checked out and see where we go from there.  Our ped said he doesn't feel her numbers are high, but it wouldn't hurt to establish a relationship with an endocrinologist either.  When it comes to my children's health, I would rather be overly cautious than overlook something.

Hailey's pediatrician said that he thinks Hailey is doing fabulous.  He suggested getting her outside, moving, interacting with children and everything the outdoors have to offer this summer.  He doesn't want to see her again until she is 3.  All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better appointment :-)

Here are a few pics of Hailey on the move...dancing that is.  She loves all, her brother's ipod, mom's phone, her princess castle....she will dance to it all!  Sitting or standing...doesn't matter she will dance!

She truly is the rockstar of the family.


  1. Great news! Isn't it wonderful to hear a doctor say, we don't need to see you until next year?!

  2. Such wonderful news! I love when you don't have to return for a year :) Where is my sleeping Hailey pic? Love that girl!

  3. Hailey is doing so well! Try not to worry too much about her thyroid - easier said than done, I know!