The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Ds Day: Fact, Fallacy, Foto

Just a short post today.  It is part of a blog hop (check out others, here) with others that are celebrating our children/family/friends that sport an extra chromosome.  I know I've flooded everyone with pictures of my daughter, my thoughts about Down syndrome, the way Hailey has changed all of us and how we would like things to change.  I can honestly say, I will probably never stop.  I advocate for all of my children.  The world just doesn't always view Hailey as equal as they do the boys.


 The extra chromosome affects each child differently.  They are all unique, individuals.  One child can be born with every "text book" medical condition and others can have none.  So far, Hailey has had open heart surgery and low muscle tone.  We keep an eye on other areas: eyes, thyroid, ears, etc., to be prepared if anything else does come up.


I personally thought my daughter would be a quite, reserved, wall flower.  Wow!!!!  Was I wrong!  She is anything but!  She is the loudest, chattiest, most social child I have!


Impromptu Dance Party with her big brothers :-)