The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hailey Meets Ben

I was so excited when fellow blogging mommy, Laura from Ben's Blessings messaged me that her and her two boys would be passing through our city this summer and would like to meet up with us.  We said it was a play date for Ben and Hailey, but I think it was just a play date for Laura and I. 

We met at a local park.  The same park that Hailey "loved" on Tuesday when we had therapy there.  Apparently, she woke up on the wrong side of her bed that morning.  She did not want to slide or cooperate.  It made for some comical pictures.  It definitely was not a love at first sight meeting :-)

We let them play on the playground for a little while and then we fed the ducks.  We abandoned that idea after about 10 minutes when we were approached by a couple of angry Canadian geese.  We threw them a few slices of bread and headed back to the playground.  Hailey then burned her hands on the slide stairs so we called it a day.  Both little ones were tired and Laura and the boys needed to get back on the road.

It was nice meeting up with them.  Ben and Hailey are so close in age that they are going through similar stages.  It makes for very easy conversation!  We are crossing our fingers that this might be an annual trip :-)

Now for the photobomb.... It is definitely an easy task to get to two year olds to stand still at the same time in the same spot.  Maybe we will have better luck next year!!

I'm just going to hang out here.

Maybe I can hide in this tube.

My big brother made me do it.

Oh, help me...she found me in the tube!

I'm going to get away while she isn't looking.

Shhhh, mom...I don't think she noticed I left!

No one tell where I'm at!

Hailey trying to figure out where Ben went.

Mom, Ben keeps running away from me!

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I have him trapped now.

Darn, he is getting away!

They appear to be attempting to chat until it happens.....

The attack!  Followed by a few tears and a scolding.

Luckily there was a women with bubbles near saved the day!

And a random water fountain.

Ben then tries to run away.

The big boys feeding the ducks while Ben inspects the drain.

One last attempt at a photo together and Ben will have no part of it!


  1. How fun! Maybe one day when we make it back to OH, I can see both of you by starting in Cincy and heading to NEO. :)

  2. Love that you got together! Looks like everybody had fun!

  3. Cutest ever! I know that Cora would have been terrified of both of them. This is so amazing. Love it, love at first sight or not. We will have to see what happens in a few years... Find out which of our girls he takes to prom. Maybe both?

  4. Haha, the attack picture! I guess we know who is boss if they ever get married! lol
    So awesome that you guys got to meet up!

  5. This was so much fun Michelle! Can't wait for next year!!