The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Early on we accepted that Hailey would meet some milestones later than the boys did or other children her age.  It eventually become no big deal.  Recently Hailey has met another milestone.  We transitioned Hailey from her crib to a toddler bed and now into a full-sized bed.  Yes, this was about a year later than we transitioned the boys.  Did we do this because of Down syndrome...nope!  It had absolutely nothing to do with it.  Both boys were fabulous sleepers in their cribs (eventually).  We transitioned them into toddler beds and all hell broke loose.  With both boys, we ended up with them in our bed for at least a year off and on.  Sometimes they would start in our bed and with our middle child, he would wander into our room in the middle of the night and neither of us had the energy or the wits at 3 a.m. to move him into his bed so a bad habit was created.  Hailey stayed in her crib longer because we learned our lesson!  She is a good sleeper (knock on wood) and I wanted to get as much use out of that crib as we possibly could!

About two weeks before Christmas, I took off the side of her crib to make it into a toddler bed.  It never seemed to phase Hailey.  She continued to sleep fine.  Unfortunately she came down with croup the end of February.  This changed all sleeping for several nights.  Hailey and I kicked the boys out of Ian's room.  I slept with her for those few nights.  That is when we decided she needed a bigger bed in case one of us needed to lay with her.  She is now in a full-size bed.  Some evenings we do have issues getting her to sleep, but some of that is the over-exhaustion, some stubbornness and some the bed.  Once she is asleep we don;t hear anything from her.  Knock on wood....she is still in her bed and not in ours!!!  I have my fingers crossed that this transition/milestone is over :-)

She really liked the addition of her Doc McStuffins comforter!!


  1. Baby girl is so tiny in that bed! I love all her Doc McStuffin's stuff and her royal entourage :) Of course, most of all, SLEEPING HAILEY!!!!

    1. It's crazy how tiny she looks! She sleeps with all those characters every night :-)