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The Hailey Herald

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Back at Preschool

The summer was short this year.  Just barely over two months.  The kids did a lot of playing with friends, a little swimming, a few trips to the zoo and Kings Island and a trip to visit family in Indiana.  Routine and schedule were not really in the vocabulary until the week before school...oops!  Hailey started a week after the boys.  The boys started the day after Brayden's 11th birthday.  I'm not sure where the years have gone! 

The boys are less than thrilled with my annual back to school photos.  They humor me, but not all the smiles are genuine!  Ian started 2nd grade and Brayden headed to 5th grade.

Hailey seemed a little lost without the boys for the week, but the smiles she gave them when they returned home were absolutely priceless!!!  She walked around all week with her backpack.  A week later, it was her turn.  She even chose her own dress.  We were walking through the Disney store when she announced "want it" to this Doc McStuffins dress.  It was hard to say no!  She was happy to put on her backpack, but doesn't always cooperate for the camera.  It normally is a two or three person job!

Look out she comes...ready or not!

She returned without skipping a beat.  No tears, no whining, not even a wave bye for momma.  My big girl was off again.

Since she has started school, we have gotten a few reports from her teacher and therapists.  For the most part, it has all been positive.  We have had a couple of not great words used....defiant...her own agenda...  Hmmm....imagine that!?!?  I love this little girl with all my heart, but neither of those comments surprised me, but they stung a little.  The defiance has gotten better.  Hailey has issues transitioning from one activity to another.  She prefers a:  it to be her idea or b: that she finishes with what she's doing before moving on.  She is like that at home.  Before school this week, she was serving food to her stuffed animals in her play house.  I told her it was time to go to school and she responded quickly with a "no, clean".  She was adamant that she cleaned up the food before she went to school.  Most of the time at home, we can let her finish her thought process before moving onto the next activity.  At school, she doesn't really have that option.  There is a schedule and she needs to follow it along with the rest of the class.  Her teacher started her with a visual schedule.  It shows a picture of each activity.  She knows that she can look at the schedule to see what it next.  One day she chose to lie on the floor instead of going to the table for snack.  Occasionally, she would look out of the corner of her eye to see if anyone was watching her.  Hmmm...sounds like a little girl who loves attention (shocker there too, huh).  No one gave her the attention and she finally sat down for snack with about 3 minutes left for snack.  Oh well little missy.  The next day, she did much better. 

Hailey's teacher has been fantastic.  She gives me updates randomly throughout the day.  She answers every email and responds with a very detailed account of the day.  I feel sorry for her teacher though because Hailey refuses to talk to her.  She will chat with her until her teacher asks her a direct question...what color is this, what shape, etc?  Not sure how evaluations will go if she won't talk to her!  She does seem to talk to her speech therapist and occupational therapist.  Her physical therapist said Hailey seems to have her own agenda, but is very cooperative.  I'm grateful to have a team that keeps plugging away at that attitude to provide her with fantastic services and pushing her to learn. 

Hailey loves kids and being around them all.  She loves the playground.  Her favorite center is the dramatic play one which is set up like a pet shop...hmmm....sounds a little like Doc McStuffins :-)  She loves learning the songs and movements. 

I'm happy to see the progress she has made.  I'm happy to see her growing up.  She never runs or dashes away at school.  It has rubbed off a little at home.  She doesn't dart quite as much.  Her speech improves every day.  We are getting closer to jumping and her fine motor skills are improving. 

We have had a few bumps and I'm positive we will have more along with way.  It's a learning experience for us all, but the main thing is everyone has Hailey's best interest in mind and she LOVES school!!!

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