The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Who is Hailey?

In honor of the Buddy Walk which is Saturday, I made a new "Who is Hailey?" profile pic.  Someone kindly pointed out that I left out a lot of adjectives for my daughter.  I admit I did, but I could only fit 10 or so.  It's funny, I made a similar one about 6 months ago for World Down Syndrome Day.  Most of them are the same, but just like any toddler a few new ones have emerged.  We had to add "dog lover" to this one...that's an entirely different post!

I always want others to see that Hailey isn't Down syndrome.  I want them to see what we see.  Yes, it is a part of her, but she is so much more!


  1. Oh she is SASSY for sure! Moving from a toddler to a little girl!!!

    1. You know that first hand now :-) It's hard to believe she is growing up sometimes. I see it in her attitude and her demeanor.