The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Halloween before Thanksgiving

I spend so much time and energy blogging the entire month of October that November seems to get lost.  I just realized that I never shared about Halloween.  I fretted so much about the weather that day.  I was so excited for Hailey to trick or treat this year.  The first year, she was obviously was too little.  The second year, it was so frigid that she was outside for 5 minutes top.  Last year, Hailey was finally walking and I was giddy.  Then the monsoon hit and my wonderful neighbor planned a last minute party, but no trick or treating for Hailey.  This year they kept calling for rain...loads of it.  We decided we were going to give it a try anyway.  Hailey was a trooper.  She didn't use her stroller much at all and we walked a ton.  She would always say trick or treat as we were leaving, but she said "thanks" or signed "thank you" at every house.  My favorite (yes, we had a conversation about manners afterwards) was when someone handed her a candy bar and Hailey proclaimed "No, another one".  The woman gave her another one, but I made Hailey put it back. 

I enjoyed watching my little girl keep up with the big kids.  She had a ball!!!

Two zombies and Doc McStuffins

This is what I saw most of the night....following the girl on a mission

She's a "little" excited about that pile of candy

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  1. Whoa!!! They got quite a good haul of candy! lol