The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Messier the Better

We recently started introducing baby food to Hailey.  She seems to like the taste.  She opens her mouth wide when she sees the spoon.  She hasn't mastered bringing her tongue back in her mouth with the food so we place our thumb on her chin to close it.  As a result, she retracts her tongue.  Part of that is because of Down syndrome but the boys had issues with that for the first couple of weeks of feeding.  We've made it through squash and sweet potatoes and are on our last day of bananas.  She's eating only about 1/2 a jar a day but that is better than I had anticipated.  Our goal is to get through that half a jar before the raspberries start.  Sometimes that happens and other days she is covered in baby food.

Not sure about these bananas

All gone, mommy!  Feed me more!

Here comes the raspberries

I think I like them!

Since vacation, the boys have been obsessed with board games and card games.  With school and soccer, our time is more limited but we have been trying to squeeze in a game or two.  Last night we enjoyed the wonderful weather and played outside on the patio.

Hailey likes to make sure we remember she is outside with us.

I love this face!!!!

Look at the rolls our pudgy baby is getting!

She is daddy's girl

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