The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Performing Circus Monkey?

Ok...that might be a little over the top but there are days that is the way I feel about Hailey's therapy.   I feel like she is on display and I have to get her to "perform".  Most days Hailey is the good little performer and shows L (her therapist) everything she should and other days she is not in the mood for it.  For the most part, Hailey was on her game this morning.  L seemed happy with her progress so far.  She did tell me that the only milestone Hailey really hasn't hit is her head control.  Don't get me wrong, it is so much better than it was but we still need some work.

In my head, I hear what L is telling us..."She's doing good.  She's doing a lot better than you realize.  Keep doing what you are doing."  My heart sometimes tells me that she will never get "there".  Then I get mad at myself because I feel like I am feeling sorry for us and for Hailey and I don't want that either.

I've read lots of blogs written by women with children that have Down syndrome.  I thank them for sharing their lives with all of cyber-world because it helps to read about the things that we all have in common.  For the most part, we all seem to "expect" the same things from our children.  It makes me wonder though, if more was expected of people with Down syndrome all these years, what outcome would it have made on them and on society?

Hailey really is doing great.  She is so much more aware, vocal and active.  She responds when we talk to her.  She constantly watches her surroundings and with two older brothers she has plenty to watch!  Hailey still loves her toes and being talked to.  There are plenty of smiles, raspberries, and giggles to go around.  She still has a ways to go but she is working hard at sitting (supported of course).  Don't worry, it's not all rainbows and teddy bears.  We have found that this little cutie has the temper and attitude of her older brothers.  She can throw an Academy winning tantrum when we aren't moving at the speed she expects for her bottle or baby food.  On the up side, she will normally follow that fit with a healthy dose of her dimples :-)

So far baby food has been a hit.  She has sailed through sweet potatoes, squash, bananas and pears.  We'll see how the green veggies go!

Here are a few of Hailey's 6 month pictures that my very talented friend Kelly (KLD Photography) took yesterday.

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  1. Those smiles are contagious. And the toe-sucking pictures are adorable!