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The Hailey Herald

Monday, April 29, 2013

Toddler on the Go

Spring has turned into such a busy season in our house this year.  With both boys playing different sports, Hailey's therapies, and now her young athletes program with the Special Olympics, we seem to stay busy almost every day/evening of the week.  Add in the kids' allergies, one child's asthma, and frequent thunderstorms, no one seems to be getting enough sleep in our house either. 

Hailey being #3 gets to be carted around from one practice to another and one game to another.  For the most part, she does okay.  She prefers to be able to run freely, but since I enjoy watching both of the boys play sports, that doesn't happen often.  Otherwise I'd spend the entire game chasing her off the field and removing her from other people's conversations.  I've named her the team toddler.  She enjoys walking down the side of the field waving and chatting with people as she goes.  If they have a blanket out, she will plop down and join them.  Thankfully, most people don't seem to mind her visits (which just encourages her!).  She does like cheering for the boys (and occasionally the other team!).

We haven't seen many tantrums with Hailey, yet.  We have seen maybe two.  She does a good job of letting us know what she wants.  She has spent a few minutes in time-out recently.  I'm not sure she understands it all, but I remove her from the situation and place her in a chair.  That is not what she wants to do so it makes her mad.  She has a bad habit of grabbing people's face.  Anyone have a suggestion?  She doesn't seem to intend to hurt someone.  Almost as if it is her way of saying Hi.  Our other behavior issue is throwing things.  When she is finished with her plate, there it a frisbee.  She recently threw my phone at her brother's head (right where he was recovering from an accident between his head and a landscaping stone).  I would love suggestions!!!

We have seen an increase in signing and spoken words.  She rocked her last speech therapy session!  Her speech therapist actually said we are probably going to take a break again because she is doing so well.  We'll see how this week's appointment goes.  I'm hoping to take the summer off from therapy.  I'd like to see how she does just being Hailey...just playing and learning on her own.

I still watch her walk in amazement.  I'm not sure when this will wear off!  She's getting sturdier on her feet and faster.  She likes to be with the big kids! 

Cheering for Ian!

Absolutely rotten!

Dancing in the car.

Modeling her new dress.

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Love watching her walk and play outside!


  1. Levi still amazes me with his walking. I don't think I'll ever stop being impressed. GREAT pictures! What a cutie she is!

  2. And she's so stinking cute with her pigtails! They are getting longer. I don't have any advice. Cora is in the terrible twos herself. Only 1 real tantrum to date, but lots of hitting me, and just all around whining and being super stubborn. I swear, all she wants to eat are Veggie Stix these days. And I'm jealous about the spoken words. Cora tries to talk but still doesn't enunciate anything. Good thing she's a signing virtuoso!

  3. Lucky you on no tantrums. Kamdyn does when she doesn't get her way. She doesn't like that no word lol, Kamdyn used to throw her cup and food a lot. She has gotten better over time by just telling her no, putting it back or showing her how to put her cup in the cup holder. She gets mad now if I take her cup out of the cup holder haha. Ka dyns biggest motivator, other than food, is praise. Praising the good behavior is the best way to get more of it. She still will throw her empty bowl or plate and fork or spoon when she's done. So we're still working in that one too. If she's just having a snack and not in her high chair, she likes to out her own dishes in the sink. Maybe you could start letting Haikey do that. She can't reach real well, so she kind of chucks them in there. I think if you keep telling her no and showing her gentle touch, she will stop the face grabbing. Same with the throwing, keeping telling her no and out the item back in her hand and have her gently place it down. I know Kamdyn will so e times do bad thi gs to get the attention, even if its negative. I can tell when she's doing it, so I just ignore her, and it usually works. Isn't parenting fun ; )

  4. She's so cute. I'm love that she's walking so much! :) Ben is putting more weight on his feet now (yay Sure Steps) but not standing on his own. Walking feels very far away.

  5. She is getting so big and her hair so long--love the pigtails! What do you mean no tantrums?!?!?!?!?! Jealous! Bear grabs shirts to get attention. Or necklaces. Or glasses. We tell her "no pull" and show her the PEC of "no pull". Just started it and I cannot see any difference. We have different things to try and will discuss more during therapy today so I can let you know what works.

  6. She is so cute! It took me months before I could get over the excitement I felt every time I saw Russell walk. But now that he is running faster than I can keep up with, I'm over it! haha

    Russell use to grab faces too. We would grab his hand firmly and say no...Then have him softly touch our face and say "gentle". That seemed to work. Sorry but I have zero advice for throwing things, as Russell still does this!