The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Not the Battle I Expected!

In case anyone has forgotten, we have an entire graveyard of sippy cups/straw cups/open cups...I think last count there are 15 different varieties packed away in the basement. 

Here are a few...
Hailey was getting to the point where she would scream and cry if a cup of any sort came near her.  She's used a straw a couple of times successfully for her developmental therapist and her speech therapist, however, never at home.  It was almost as if she just physically couldn't do it.  I felt bad to keep pushing it, but I was done with the bottles.  I know some won't understand, what's the big deal, it's just a bottle.  Brayden's bottles disappeared at 10 months...Ian never had them.  Sippy cups, straw wasn't a battle.  They weren't work.  I handed them a cup and they started drinking.  They just did it.  I didn't have to ask professionals for help, I didn't need to go on message boards and ask other mothers for tips and tricks (and try every single one of them and have them fail), I didn't google and read every article that I could about how to transition from the bottle to a straw.  Yes, that is what I have done with Hailey.  We have been working on transitioning since she was 9 months old.  Yes, 18 months ago. 

With only two speech therapy sessions left, I grabbed Hailey's straw cup and a juice pouch as I headed out the door on Thursday.  The boys only have a couple of weeks left of school and I was set to take away Hailey's bottles once school was out for the summer.  I was going to start by taking away her bottle after lunch and dig out the dreaded honey bear cup and start again.  Something had to give.  Something had to work.

With Ian and Hailey in tow, we headed downtown for speech therapy.  Hailey loves the waiting room almost as much therapy itself.  Lots of people to socialize with and they have nowhere to go :-)  She makes her way up and down the lines of chairs saying Hi and checking out what everyone is doing (working on laptops, paperwork, using electronics)...she's quite the character!

Playing peek-a-boo with one of the employees.

She found a mirror and started chatting away.

We headed into therapy with Jen.  In case I haven't said it in the last month, we love our therapist!  Jen is the best.  Hailey loves her.  She tolerates Ian hanging out in therapy (he has afternoon kindergarten and sometimes has to tag along).  She works great with Hailey and switches gears as frequently as needed to keep Hailey engaged.

Working on animals and puzzles.

Doing our zips and zooms.

Can't forget our alphabet sounds.

About midway through our session, Jen filled Hailey's straw cup and gave it a few squeezes.  Hailey then drank a few sips on her own.  We moved onto other things.  Several times through out the session, Hailey wanted more to drink and successfully used a straw.  At the end of therapy, we were given our homework until our next session.  This weeks:  continue working on two word sentences, point to items and say "this is ___".   (Hailey's favorite words are "what's this".  We are working on getting her to label items.  Our third task was "continue working on straw".  I decided on the way home to remove Hailey's noon bottle and replace it with the straw and then slowly phase out the other two. 

After lunch, I gave Hailey her straw cup tears, no yelling....

Either I've been conned or it just clicked!
 That experience with the cup went so well, I thought I might try it again after nap time.  This is what I got...a few tears, but she drank almost 3 ounces of milk.

Apparently that wasn't as much of a fight has I expected so, I decided to try again when she would generally have an evening bottle.  This is the look she gave me.....

Well, that look isn't enough to get her mother to give up.  We'd done so well so far, might as well push the envelope.  She drank another 3 ounces at bedtime with a little bribery of a small, not so good for you snack of potato chips.  On Friday, I decided we made it through most of Thursday, why stop then.  I did get a few of her over dramatic "no's" during the day (see photo below), but there were no tantrums.

Day 2 - was AWESOME!

I did let Hailey see me pack up all of the bottles and parts on Friday.  She watched me closely.  I didn't throw them in the trash but she thinks they are gone.  Throughout the weekend, we have let Hailey sample a few other drinks from a straw while we have been out and about.  She really liked the boys' icee , obsessed with my water glass and yes, I even let her try Pepsi.  (To all the people who stared at me at Sam's Club while my daughter tried Pepsi...keep on staring, don't will never understand this milestone.)

I know most of my Facebook friends are probably annoyed with all the chattering I have had over drinking out of a straw and getting rid of Hailey's bottles.  I almost place this milestone up with walking (and it makes me dread potty training!).  We have worked so hard on this, there have been tears and frustration from both Hailey and me.  It was something Hailey just couldn't get or understand and I couldn't make her.  I couldn't will her to do it.  She had to do it on her own.  I hated that even giving her all the tools to accomplish it didn't help.

Hailey's last bottle was Thursday at 9 a.m.  I haven't given in and honestly, she hasn't given me that much of a fight.  I hope we can call this one a success!  And yes, I shed a few tears when I realized that my little girl mastered it...even if it wasn't when her mom wanted her to!  I also might have shed a couple of tears when Hailey told her daddy "straw" when we were telling him that the bottles were "all gone".

My little girl is growing up and I'm positive she might drive me crazy in the process, but check out those dimples...who can resist that face?!?!?


  1. That's fantastic!! Getting rid of the bottle is a tough one. I have had some kids let it go without a fuss and others drag it out like I was torturing them!! So good for Hailey, that's exciting!

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