The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Friday, August 16, 2013

End of Summer

Everyone always says it's the forgotten middle child.  Not always the case!  Brayden had been to the zoo a few dozen times by the time he was Hailey's age.  Ian probably at least a half of a dozen of times by then. was Hailey's first trip to the zoo.  The weather was fabulous :-) 

Hailey's reaction to the elephants.

Chilling with her brother and Dad.

My observer.  He can never get enough or get close enough.

Hailey trying to get closer to the hippo...thank goodness she was strapped in!

Hailey unsure if she wanted to go closer to the manatees.

Still debating.

Daddy finally convinced her!

Hailey was fine with all the animals (she seemed to like the fish, elephants, and giraffes the most).  She was not fond of the tiger.  He was pacing in front of the plexiglass and mom just "happened" to park the stroller right at the point where the tiger turned around.  Hailey didn't seem to like being face to face with him!

Trying to get out of the stroller!

I think she's had enough :-)


So thankful for the fabulous weather for the kids' last week of summer.  Hailey appeared to have a great "first trip to the zoo", but she always has a good time with her big brothers....someone want to be with her next week while they are at school....I'm positive I will have an unhappy 2 year old!!

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  1. Great pictures! We went to the zoo last weekend. I hoped to get some nice pictures of the animals for Ben to look at later. But everyone but the bear was sleeping!