The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hailey's Take on Disney....part 1

We returned Saturday night from 9 days at Disney.  There were 19 of us total (my husband, his parents, siblings, spouses, nieces and nephews).  Yes, we stayed at the same resort.  Yes, we had a good time.  Yes, we are all a little bit crazy :-)

I have loads of photos to share, but as I was sorting through them some of them made me laugh.  Hailey and her reaction to the characters.  These are from character meals...I'll have a few more from character meet and greets in a couple of weeks, but I'm sure everyone will find these funny.  Hailey loved all the characters from about 3 feet away and as long as an adult was holding her.  It is when they invaded "her" space that she showed her disapproval!

Mom, NO....I don't want to!

Oh wait, can I touch your headband?

For real, who's this guy?

Oh, my God....what is this thing?  Aunt Staci save me!

Nope, he's no better.

Ooooohhhhh!  She's bigger than she is on TV.

Hey, can I have this nose?  I'm sure I can throw it far.

Dad, do we have to stand so close?

Nah, he's too big, too! (yes, Ian is giving himself rabbit ears!)

Don't care for him either.

Enough already!

Really, another day, more characters?

You guys are really not getting the message, are you?

Just keep him behind me, not touching me.

What's this thing?

Hmmm...he might not be too bad.

No, I've changed my mind.

Please get him to leave!

Who is this lady?

This is my fave pic!!

Finally having a chat!


  1. Oh my word! Miss Hailey definitely had some ideas about the characters. It looks likes she really didn't like The Mad Hatter and that she was running away from Tigger. She also wasn't too thrilled with Piglet. I wonder how she would feel about Eeyore and Pooh Bear? I LOVE the second to last pic.

  2. I have never been to Disney with a kid. As a kid, yes. But why oh why do those characters automatically get so close? I don't think its great to assume that all kids are OK with such proximity. Obviously, Hailey doesn't seem scarred by the whole thing and some of the pics are pretty adorable, but give a kid a little space. So glad you guys had your own brand of crazy Disney fun. I can't wait to take Cora, but not sure when that will be. We went to Southern California last year but she was still so little it didn't seem worth it. One of these days... :)

  3. So much fun! Love seeing Hailey dressed up as Cinderella!