The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Monday, August 26, 2013

Little Sister's Days

So, I've had several people ask how Hailey is doing with school starting.  How she likes the boys gone all day.  She stays busy...boy, has she been super active recently.  She's climbing more, on the move more, and into more. 

Hailey has been going to child watch at the YMCA several times a week.  She loves the women who work there and they truly seem to care for her, too.  She loves seeing babies and it gives her an opportunity to be around children younger than 10 & 6 :-)  She also loves playing outside.  Mom gets her workout in and Hailey gets plenty of attention and socialization!

She chats nonstop to herself, her dolls, her "puppy", and of course, mom.  She loves puzzles and taking her babies and her "puppy" for walks. 

Hailey seems to love hanging out with mom, but the boys get greeted with the biggest smile I've ever seen...I know she's just as happy to see them come home!

I'll let you see the rest in pictures....

She sneakily waits, planning her attack.

She "reads" books all day.

She turns off the the middle of the game...and then gives you the look "what? I didn't do it".

She steals Daddy's pillow when he gets up to leave the room.

She walks her puppy throughout the house.

She generally walks backwards the entire time...not sure why, but I guess we can mark it off of our PT list :-)

She also loves stealing the iPad and remote control :-)

Is it me or is she adorable?!?!


  1. She is SOOOO cute! Ben is into everything too:)

  2. Bright pink tutu--LOVE! She is adorable and sassy. Love her.