The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Monday, February 16, 2015

Repaired...Strong & Beating

We have been fortunate with Hailey...other than her rough start into the world and her heart defect, she has been relatively healthy.  Yes, she has more doctor appointments than the boys, but other than her eye appointments, the rest are just annual check ups.  The first of the year always brings a new round of visits.  Today was cardiology.  I am well aware of the signs and indicators of congestive heart failure....the coloring, the decrease in activity, difficulty breathing, struggling to eat, chest collapsing when is how Hailey looked those first 4 1/2 months of life.  She does not have a single sign of heart failure.  Even without those symptoms, her annual cardiology appointment brings me great anxiety and lots of fear.  What if I'm missing something?  What if the repair didn't take?  What if there is something else wrong?

This morning, Hailey and I trekked out in the snow.  Some would ask, why didn't I change the appointment.  Hailey's specialties appointments are scheduled 6 months ahead of don't cancel or change unless there is a major emergency!

Hailey seemed to think the entire day was an adventure.  We got out of the van and she exclaimed, "Snow!"  Yes, Hailey...I see all the white stuff.  "Hurry, mom, cold!"  We stomped our feet at the door and headed in.  The one thing I LOVE about our cardiology department...they are ALWAYS on time and we never wait.  Height and weight looked good and Miss Independent cooperated and we were on our way for EKG.  That's where we hit a snag.  I had talked to Hailey about her upcoming appointment this weekend.  I reminded her about the stickers they were putting on her body to check her heart and she replied with "check heartbeat".  So she "knew" what was coming, but Hailey doesn't like a lot of stickers of any sort.  One sticker or one band-aid is this child's limit.  8-10 of them puts her over the edge (actually it took 3 years before she would even keep a Band-Aid on!).  Child Life Specialist to the rescue with an ipad and apps that aren't familiar.  EKG was over shortly after the last sticker was placed on her little body.  The tears cleared up and we had "tea" while answering the nurse's list of questions.

See last year's reaction...she wasn't a fan of the EKG then either....

Seriously, Mom...a

Oh wait...what's that on your iPad?

Would you like tea, cheese, chocolate or salt (not sure where the salt came from but she kept offering it)?

Yummy, yummy

Just like that...tears are gone and all is well again.

Within minutes our cardiologist was in the room chatting with Hailey.  I love our cardiologist.  She has always been very open and honest.  She has always spoken to us and not at us.  She always acknowledges Hailey and doesn't speak down to her.  She doesn't baby talk...she speaks to Hailey as a 4 year old....Ds or not.  Hailey generally attacks the doctor's it was her stethoscope.  Hailey checked the doctor's, mine and her own heartbeat before her exam began.  The doctor said Hailey's EKG looked good and her heart sounds great.  She said we do need to have another echo conducted at some point.  She asked if we knew of any procedures that Hailey needed.  I mentioned that we were going to have a sleep study done sometime over the next year.  I explained that our ENT "released" us from his care and I was searching for a new one.  She replied with a simple, "Yes, please".   She said that Hailey might need her echo sooner if they decide to remove her tonsils, but otherwise...we will go back in 2 years!!!  How exciting is that?!!?!

Hailey will never be released from cardiology for good, but how fabulous that she is doing so well that we don't go back for 2 years!!  Thank you God for the advancements in medical technology!  We braved the cold back to the car and Hailey yelled at me "Hurry, home.  Daddy, Brayden, & E."  Yes, Miss Bossy Pants!  We made it home safely...everyone back in their pjs for a cold, snowy President's Day.

Happy Monday to all!

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  1. Excellent news! I am fearful of cardiology appointments too. I love her little bossy, independent spirit!