The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Faces of Ds

I had too many gorgeous pictures to put in one post so I split them into two.

Most of these kiddos are 4 and 5.  Their mommas and I have bounced ideas off of one another and traded secrets and tips.  These faces brighten my facebook wall daily and I wanted to share these beautiful faces with everyone else. 

Abby - 5 1/2 and Bailey - 5

Ben - 4 and Faith - 1

Ben - 4

Cora - 4

Ellie - 4

Ellie - 6

Emily - 4 and Dash - 9

I had to include Hailey again - 4

Jacob - 9

Kennedy - 4

Lanie - almost 5 - home from Bulgaria 2014

Levi - 5

Lexi - 4 and Lila - 9

Logan - 3

Madi - 4


Owen - 6

Thomas - 1

Friday, October 30, 2015

Blur of a Week

It feels like we have been going nonstop since we came back from vacation.  Time has been flying so fast that vacation feels like it was months away and not just a couple of weeks ago.  The boys are wrapping up the last of soccer (one is finished, one has another week of it).  Basketball practices start next week for both boys.  Jason wraps up football tonight and basketball starts in two weeks for him.  The holidays will come shortly after.  I remember rolling my eyes when people would approach me when Brayden was an infant..."Oh, time flies.  Cherish this time."  As crazy as it seemed, I do believe it now.  Time seems to go faster every day.

This week was no exception :-) Jason's birthday, soccer, music program and Halloween parties. 

This girl loves cupcakes, singing, and blowing out candles

Even Daddy gets cheers!

She always ends up with tons of icing on her

Headed to his music concert and he chose his own clothes :-)
My music program dates

She was ready for school!

The boys didn't even scare her this year! 

She had a ton of fun during her party

Look mom...a tattoo!

She cheated, but she had fun!

I always joke that I think I'm the oldest mom at preschool

Finally carved pumpkins...better late than never!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hailey's Favorite Things

Hailey is finally back to normal after vacation and her run in with pneumonia.  I was counting down to calling the doctor when last night she seemed to snap out of it.  She has been napping every day since vacation started, even asking to go to bed.  She gave up her naps months ago.  Last night, Jason and I took turns fighting the dimpled blonde to go sleep.  Finally, at 11 p.m., Hailey crashed.  That solidified more naps for her.  Right now, she is having a birthday party with her dolls in the playroom.  I just heard her sing, "Happy birthday daddy Jason".  She hasn't really played at all since we came home. 

Today, I want to share some of Hailey's favorite things.

Exercising with Mom

All animals

Dressing up and playing with her toys

Amusement park rides

Costumed characters (even if she has no clue who they are)

Soup and Cereal



Her brothers

Water and sand

Birthdays....absolutely everyone's!!

Anything that involves dipping.  Two faves:  'mole and ranch

This girl greets everything with enthusiasm.  I wish I could bottle it and share it with others.  I'm sure eventually we will get the moans and groans that we get from her brothers, but for now...I'm enjoying this missing tooth, dimpled grin!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Faces of Ds (part 1)

I'll never forget hearing the neonatologist saying "Down syndrome" and the image that came to mind.  In my head, I had a preconceived notion of what Down syndrome "looked" like.  Ironically, it looks absolutely positively nothing like I had imagined.

I could look at the dimples in Hailey's mischievous grin all day.  The sparkle in those almond eyes makes me smile.  That button nose is the perfect spot to plant a kiss.  These are the only things that keep her from being grounded until she's 35 on most days!

This post makes me happy because the beauty takes my breathe away.

Adison - 2

Alexis - 5

Allie - 3 months

Apollonia - 9 months

Charlie - 3

Connor - 2

Danny - 4

Eli - home from Lithuania in 2012 - 8

Ella - 4

Ella - 4

Emma - almost 2

Evie - 3

Genevieve - 4

Hailey - 4

Harrison - 3

Jaia - 4

Jake (3) with little brother Joey

Jocelyn - home from Bulgaria in 2014 - 8

Jonah - 3

Jonah - 9

Joseph - 13 month

Kennedy almost 3

Leightyn (6) with her mom, Tika.

Levi - 10


Maria - 21 months

Mary - 9

Max - 8

Maya - 3

Mitchell - 11

Nathan - 11

Rylan - 4 months

Sylvia - 2

Violette with her mom, Missy