The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big brothers, you have been warned...She's on the move!

The girl is on the move.  It is not what most would call an army crawl...I think it most resembles an inchworm at the moment but it is forward motion (she's been going backwards for almost 2 months) and I'm celebrating.  She's worked hard for it!  She'll get to creeping eventually, she loves to get on all 4s and rock back and forth.  She occasionally even brings her knee up.  We'll keep working on it and she'll get it (more than likely when she decides...not her momma!). 

Yesterday, L came for our weekly therapy session.  We worked on other things and decided to pick up with the army crawl again.  We tried to entice Hailey with everything...ipod, ipad, cell phone, toys, big brother, etc.  Hailey would just sat herself up, smiled, and said with her eyes, "Ha!  I don't want to crawl but I've mastered sitting and I'll show that off!"  We played that game for what seemed like forever.  Somehow through the session, Hailey took of her socks...surprise, surprise.  I tossed them aside.  They caught Hailey's eye and there she went after them!  I was giddy...then I wanted to hit my head against the wall because we tried everything to get her to move (or so we thought!).  L left happy...although she did admit that she was getting frustrated that Hailey was being so stubborn.  Hailey, of course, was forgiven once she moved forward for the socks! 

Trying to entice her last night with her socks again.  In true Hailey fashion, she wasn't going to give into the socks a second time!

Yeah right, mom!

Well...maybe. I really want it?

Nope, not worth the energy!

Today, Hailey didn't seem thrilled that I wanted her to do it again but the trooper that she is, gave in.  That will happen when mom is offering Cheerios and won't give me my bottle until I crawl to a few!  Don't worry, I only held up her bottle for about 15 minutes :-)  And...yes...I did clean the floor and don't generally encourage my children to eat off the floor!

But mom...they are so far away!

Yay!  I got one!

Mom, this really is hard work.  Do I have to keep doing it?

Really...this is hard!

OK...maybe I'll go for one more. last one!

Did you see that?  I did it!!!!

Aren't you going to cheer?

I let her take a break the rest of the day.  It really did wipe her out!  It was very cold so we snuggled this afternoon and spent time with the boys.  I have to share this photo because it is soooo funny!  I asked the boys to help get Hailey's pjs on this evening.  They seemed to think it was hard work.  Ha!

Tonight, we found out might be Hailey's biggest motivator to be mobile.  Her brothers and their stuff!  The boys were playing Connect 4 Launchers.  I looked over to see this.....
The girl found what she wanted!

She got it!

And she is happy about it!
I'm pretty sure that nothing will be safe now and I LOVE it!  Thank goodness the boys' legos are now upstairs (and I have a feeling stairs are a long way off)!  She tires quicker than the boys did when they started crawling but she has determination and she will get stronger.  I'm so proud of my little peanut!  She has worked so hard to accomplish something that comes so easy to most children.  There are days I feel bad for pushing her so hard but the above smile makes me realize, it is working and it is worth it!

On another note...winter has hit.  Here is our weather from yesterday and it was bitter, bitter cold today.  It's supposed to be in the 40s next week so we'll live with it :-)


  1. She has worked so hard, great job Hailey!!!

  2. Go Hailey - my kids eat off the floor all the time. Thanks to the dog gate Max is at least not eating out of the garbage any longer - ha!