The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scattered thoughts and brain

I really thought the boys being back at school and life having more routine would help things run smoother around here but I have still been having my lack of focus issue this week.  I blame it on a few things...exhaustion (I think I always live in a fog), just getting back into the busyness of the days (school, therapies, sports, etc), Hailey's upcoming birthday, all the follow up appointments that sprinkle the next few months of the calendar, and all the random thoughts and wishes that come with the new year.

Luckily the boys were more than ready to go back to school, their friends, their teachers and their "lives".  Hailey has been a little more needy this week than normal.  I'm hoping it is just the long holidays and the boys not being home as much and not that she is starting to "strange".  Guess we shall see!

We started back up with therapy this week.  Yesterday we drove down to Children's for her occupational and speech therapy.  They both work with the Thomas Center (Down syndrome clinic).  I am very comfortable with them and respect them.  We started with chatting with her speech therapist.  She asked what Hailey is eating now.  I replied, "She has prunes and oatmeal for breakfast but that is the only baby food she will eat."  Jen sighs, "Oh no. She is on strictly formula?"  I had to chuckle at that one.  I quickly explained that Hailey refuses to eat baby food other than breakfast because she wants table food.  I started to rattle off what she has been eating....asparagus, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, chicken, beef stew, etc.  I did leave out that Chipotle is one of her faves :-)  Jen then broke out in a smile because she was afraid that Hailey had regressed.  Nope, Hailey is a rock star  in that department and she has the creases and rolls to prove it!

We then moved onto cups.  We tried 4 or 5 sippy cups.  They weren't happy with her mouth closure on any of them.  They decided she looked the best with the straw so we are working on that route.  Sounds were the next topic.  She is stuck on "dadada".  She does the "ba-ba-ba" and an occasional "bla-bla" with "ma-ma-ma" only coming out in the middle of a cry or whine.  Just like her brothers did!

My daughter has inherited a little big of stubbornness or shall we say strong-willed...hmmm...I wonder where she gets it...I think the list is quite the long list of candidates from both families!  She refused to do almost 90% of stuff she does on a daily basis.  She batted her eyelashes and pouted.  She tried offering hugs and kisses but the therapists weren't giving into my youngest child.  Our homework is reaching in side sitting, weight bearing through one arm, banging toys together, clapping and 4 point position into sitting.  We are also working on more consonant sounds, waving, signing and recognizing facial expressions.  She can do some of this but was adamant about not showing either of them yesterday.  We will add them to our daily "laundry list" of tasks to work on.  I know she can do them she just needs to cooperate a "little" more.

We have EI tomorrow.  She sees Hailey more regularly so she will be able to see any changes from our last session before Christmas.  I think we have made some but we'll see.

I recently asked for motivational tips to get Hailey to "want" to crawl.  I had tried all the more obvious ones...her brothers, me, jewelry, her favorite toy, remote control, ipod, phones, etc.  Last night we used FaceTime (a lot like Skype) on our ipad with family in IN.  Twice while listening, Hailey lunged forward to get to it.  No, it wasn't crawling, but she wanted it!  Everyone...I think we have found the motivator!

Hopefully in the coming days, my brain will stop spinning and take control of the thoughts racing through it.  I will get better control of the clutter and the house.  I might even get a little more sleep...I can hope :-)

I am trying to take a picture a day and learn more about my camera and photography.  This week I haven't succeeded on the last part but I have at least been taking a pic a day.  The subject this week has been the same..little stubborn peanut.  I have lots of new outfits I have to make sure I document for all the family that showered her with new clothes at Christmas :-) I'm hoping the red cheeks and nose go away soon.   I think she might be winning the fight against her cold!

Even tired, she likes to "yell" at us.

Poor thing looks pitiful in this one!

Waiting for therapy...she is driving me nuts with her socks!

See, she is waving it in front of me!


  1. Oh, how I can relate to so many things you say! Levi now is constantly CHEWING on his socks after he pulls them off! Arrgghh!! He finally is getting interested in things enough to want to crawl to them but it is never anything I am TRYING to motivate him with...mostly his brother's special toys that he is not supposed to have!

  2. Oh so cute! I like to say that Cora is 47 chromosomes of stubborn!

  3. Ben loves his socks too! It sounds like Hailey is on the cusp of crawling. How exciting!

  4. I think our daughters would get along quite well ... Katie is constantly pulling off one sock, trying to eat it, throwing it on the floor (if she removes it while eating) ... she even tries to pull off her tights thinking it's just an extra stubborn sock.