The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Full throttle & screeching halt

Anyone who knows me...knows I am passionate.  When I have an idea in my head, I run with it.  100 miles per hour and don't look back.  I give it my all.  It is all I think about and talk about.  For example, I will start a new exercise regimen...I will jump in feet first and commit to it (sometimes over commit).  Then something happens.  I come down with a cold, hurt myself, something.  Crash...I gave it my all but once I'm off that track I have a horrible time committing to get back on track.  It is one of my biggest faults.  I've done it with...household organization, exercising, dieting, etc.  You get the picture.  As a result of my flaw, I have decided to take "baby steps".  I'm breaking everything up into smaller pieces.  Exercising...I don't have to start right up with 5 days a week...I'm going to start with 10-15 minutes at a time.  Instead of starting a strict diet, I will cut out things a little at a time.  Taking one day at a time!  All huge goals have steps to attain them.  Just like teaching Hailey how to crawl.  We have to break it down into smaller by at a time.  OK...enough about my low self-esteem and lack of willpower!

Hailey is rapidly approaching 1.  As proud as I am of the past far Hailey has far my husband and I have come.  I want time to slow down.  I'm not ready for her to turn 1.  My baby is getting too big and boy, is she getting ATTITUDE!  Her newest "trick" has her giddy.  She loves the fact that she can sit herself up.  Yes, it is fantastic and I am incredibly proud of her.  The she doesn't like practicing crawling as much.  Ughhh....I place her on her stomach and find something to entice her with...ipod, remote, jewelry, etc., she pops herself into a sitting position and cracks up laughing at me.  She is something else!  Last week with EI, we did get her to army crawl about 6, not a lot, but I almost cried.  She tries so hard and it is so hard for her but she is doing it!  Little by steps :-) 

I have been keeping to my commitment of taking at least one picture a day (nope, still haven't learned more with my camera, but I have time!).  Most of them are of Hailey and the boys.  I'm sure I can find different subjects eventually but highly unlikely as Peanut's birthday approaches and Brayden plays basketball!

Here are a few pics of Hailey from the last few days:

Who?  Me?

Told you, I can raise my arms.  I just didn't want to do it in therapy!

Hmm...what is this book?

Someone looks happy to have found Sophie again!

I told you...I don't want to crawl today!

Almost got it (sorry it is blurry!)

Ha!  This is what i want!

Off to work on one of my steps!


  1. Go Hailey - now keep crawling. Max liked sitting so much that he never crawled - just butt scooted around.

  2. Kamdyn started army crawling right before she turned one, but she didn't push up to sitting until about 17 months. Hailey will get there with the crawling. We used food when Kamdyn first started. That's her biggest motivator and still is.