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The Hailey Herald

Monday, April 30, 2012

Albert Einstein

Can you imagine the surprised look on someone's face when searching for information on Albert Einstein only to happen upon a blog written by a stay-at-home mom about her "boring", "ordinary" world of 3 children and Down syndrome? Ha! Kind of funny, when you think about it.

Before Easter, my oldest son's class set up a "wax" museum.  Each child spent a great deal of time reading about an important person in American history, writing their presentation and rehearsing their presentation.  My oldest loves math (and frankly, it does come easy to him) so he chose Albert Einstein.  I was very proud of him so I thought I would share these pictures of him that day.  Yes, I was so proud...I cried.

No...this is my middle child but he looks so funny that I had to share it too!