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The Hailey Herald

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break has come to an end :-(

Well, the boys head back to school tomorrow.  Spring Break 2012 has come to an end.  It was rather uneventful.  Spring Break happens to be a super busy time for my husband at work so we never venture far from home.  The boys spent the week hanging out with some of their friends in the neighborhood.  We were able to go swimming one day.  Hailey hasn't been many times...I'm not sure why...maybe it is just a LOT of work with all 3 of them or I just seem to forget that it is an option.  She loves the water which is such a breath of fresh air.  Ian loathed the water for 3 years.  Swim lessons were such a nightmare and I swore off swimming for the rest of my really was that bad!
My little bathing beauty

Swimming wears the girl out

Tired little guy!
The weather was a little chilly for mid April in the Midwest but they enjoyed themselves outside when they could.  We didn't get in a hurry for much of anything last week.  Wake up times were later (yay!), breakfast was later, mom's rules were a little more lax last week.  Thursday, we headed to Entertrainment Junction.  We had never been so we thought we would check it out.  They have huge train displays, a circus-like funhouse and a play area for the kids to blow lots of energy!  Ironically we ran into one of our neighbors.  The boys loved the outing and it was a bonus that they ran into friends there.

He was in awe of the displays and detail of it all.

Big brother pointing something out.

Hey guys...what are you looking at?

I cannot get enough of this face!

She is a daddy's girl!

This makes me oldest is getting to "old" for mom!

This room was built on a 25 degree made me dizzy!

Too much excitement!

Look at my big girl!

I would rather not crawl.  I'm just going to smile at you.

Oh wait...does he have a snack?
Tomorrow everyone goes back to school and Hailey has therapy.  I'm so excited to show her therapist that she is crawling!  She started the day of her last appointment...I figure we won't get much accomplished...she will be in too much awe!

I hope everyone had a good week/weekend.  This week is nutty with soccer games, an event at a friend's church, soccer practices, school, etc.  I'll try to hold onto the memories of our low-key, stress-free week for a little while longer (especially tomorrow when I have 3 cranky tired children)!


  1. It was so hard to settle back in when we got back from vacation. We're back to therapy tomorrow too. I'm glad, but wish I we didn't "have" to at the same time.

  2. Swimming! I'm excited to take the kids this summer. Corrie starts lessons in a couple of weeks, and I'm thinking about signing Ben up for some Mommy and Me swimming lessons. Did you do that with Hailey? Entertrainment Junction looks great. I like the laser light room.

  3. Fun spring break! Don't vacations always go too fast? I'm always impressed with where Hailey can fall asleep. She is too cute sleeping in her stroller!