The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy But Fun

We didn't travel back to our families for the holiday weekend this year.  It was just the 5 of us celebrating together.  I think I "might" have over-compensated for that...for the fact that the boys wouldn't be with their cousins for egg dyeing and egg hunts...for the fact that last Easter we were so overwhelmed with their sister's diagnosis(both DS and heart defect) that we didn't do much or go anywhere.  Saturday, we enjoyed 3 egg hunts...the boys did...Hailey went along for the ride :-)  The last one of the day was with our local Down syndrome association.  This event was better for me.  I knew a few of the months...familiar faces definitely help at those events.  On his own, my middle son made friends with a little boy that I had already made plans for a future play date this summer.  It was funny.  Hailey didn't seem to mind the crowd or the people she didn't know.  She took to one mom (almost jumped out of my arms) and had a ball on the swings.  She didn't even whimper at the Easter bunny (which has me hopeful for Mickey at Disney this summer!!)

Why do you keep putting me in the grass?

And giving me things I can't eat!

Think he is excited?

He found 3 prize eggs!

Hailey's lonely egg was a prize-winner too!

Seriously...another egg hunt?

Me & my beautiful children

I told you...she will eat anything!

Still not fond of releasing!

My hand is yellow

Coloring eggs is hard work!

This morning, the kids checked out their loot from the Easter bunny...nope...I'm not posting pictures because yes, we over-compensated.  We headed to church to celebrate the meaning of Easter.  Last year we missed Easter mass.  Hailey had just been released from the NICU and diagnosed with a heart defect.  We weren't sure how fragile she was and didn't want to subject her to that many people at once.  Today, we happily sat shoulder-to-shoulder in a warm, crowded church to celebrate Easter and thank God once again for the blessings in our life.  After church, the boys hunted eggs one last time in the yard and then we played the remainder of the day low-key.  The boys played in the neighborhood with friends, I visited with a friend, we piddled around the house, enjoyed a nice dinner and ended the day with peanut butter pie and family movie night in our bed.  Two out of the three of them were asleep by 8:05.

Looking forward to a low-key spring break with the boys.  No real plans, taking it day by day!


  1. Totally laughing now counting how many times I said "Awww" while looking at these pictures! So flipping adorable! Glad your Easter was so much better. I barely remember last year's Easter. I don't even know if it was pre or post OHS... I know that we didn't celebrate. at. all. Glad you guys had fun. And I LOVE the picture of you with the kids. You look so beautiful and happy.

  2. Happy Easter to your beautiful family! Bed by 8:05 . . . I love days like that:)

  3. Hailey looks beautiful ! Love her dress !!

  4. Hailey is lovely! It looks like your family had a wonderful Easter. I am impressed that you're able to get pictures with every kid looking at the camera. That's impossible at our house. :)