The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3.07.12 - Take a Stand Today

"That's so retarded"

"You are such a retard"

What is Down syndrome?  Down syndrome (DS) is a common genetic disorder. It results in birth defects, medical problems, and is the most frequent genetic cause of mild to moderate mental retardation.

Do I think you "mean" it derogatory to my daughter?  No, I don't think you did it intentionally.  The truth is Hailey will have cognitive delays.  When you use the r-word, you are insulting her.  It stings.  It hurts.  One day, she will learn what the word means and that words hurt.

I think everyone is creative enough and have large enough vocabularies to choose another word...look it up in a thesaurus if you need to:
  • stupid
  • unintelligent
  • simple
  • dim-witted
  • backward 
  • imbecile
  • cretin
  • dumb
  • silly
  • goofy
Please stop using the  r-word.  Please take a stand and explain to others why it is not a word that we should be using. 

When you hear the r-word or you use the r-word next time...picture this face in your mind....

Would you say it to her face?

Thank you from my family....thank you from Hailey!

Take the pledge us stop the word!