The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Monday, March 5, 2012

Birthday Party....Success

My house is "semi" back in order...all the guests are gone...there are a lot of leftovers that I am maxed out on...I am exhausted.  My girl is spoiled but boy, is this girl loved!  This little girl has brought joy we never knew we were missing.  She had a fantastic birthday party.  I wish I had the energy to say something profound....maybe later in the week.  I'm too busy right now listening to Hailey laugh at and beat up her brothers!

Here is a photo bomb of her party and the day after.  She crashed before opening her presents on Saturday so she waited until Sunday morning.  Blogger is doing something crazy so I can't add captions.  Hailey was funny opening presents.  She only wanted the wrapping paper until Ian had a hold of her present, then she was giving him the look like "what are you doing...that is mine".  She is in love with her new chairs and was putting on quite the show for the boys.  Everything seems to make the girl laugh these days (especially herself!)

Why isn't this icing coming off like the others?

Uh...excuse me.....where did my cake go?

Hmm...what is this?

Whatever it is, it tastes good!

This is good, mom!


Where did all these come from?

I'm picking her up and she is STILL shoving cake in her mouth!


  1. So cute! This girl is a party animal!

  2. I found your blog from Patti's blog. Looks like your little one and my youngest are about the same age! I will be following along on your journey!