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The Hailey Herald

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 for 21: Now...What Will You Do?

Well, the time has come.  It is finally the end of October.  I have successfully completed my challenge.  I have blogged 31 days for 21...Trisomy 21(aka Down syndrome).  As everyone knows, I did it for my daughter....I would do anything for my children....just as I know, everyone would and others do for their own children.

I know to some, I am on a soapbox.  I can't apologize because I won't stop.  There is still too much ignorance in the world.  There are still too many people in the world that use the r-word.  There are too many people that don't understand how "short bus" jokes hurt.  Too many people that do not believe my daughter's life has value and that her and others like her should be aborted and eliminated from society.  I don't want my daughter growing up feeling that she doesn't belong and that she is not wanted.

This month, I have shown you how much Hailey is like her brothers and other toddlers.  I have given you links to other blogs about other children with Down syndrome.  I have been honest about my misconceptions and utter grief about Down syndrome.  I have also shared with you our joy and admiration for our daughter.

Did I change your opinion on Down syndrome or disabilities?  Did you learn more about what Ds is and what it is not?  Will you think twice when passing some one with a disability or Ds?  Will you see them as a baby, child, daughter, grand-daughter, niece, uncle...person first?  Will you remember their feelings are no different than yours or mine?

So now, I ask.....will you help us change minds?

Her spunk is back!

So glad my baby is feeling better!  Nothing made me happier today than to see this smile again!

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