The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Monday, November 5, 2012

Random encounters

You can definitely tell that my blogging challenge is over...I've been slacking.  We have been staying busy with the boys and school.  Hailey and I are just along for the ride :-)  I have random comments/stories for today's post....

I received a lovely note today from a friend from my high school.  Her sister recently gave birth to a beautiful little boy that has Down syndrome.  My friend shared Hailey's blog with her sister and then thanked me for Hailey's blog.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I'm glad I was able to be there for someone else. 

Recently, a family in our area adopted a little girl with Down syndrome who also has a VSD.  Two of my friend's separately gave the mom Hailey's blog and gushed about how fabulous Hailey is (see...I'm not the only one that things so).

Today, I decided to brave the line and vote early.  The boys don't have school tomorrow because most of the school are polling locations.  It was much easier to vote with two children than three.  I know, one child shouldn't make a difference but when both boys are together they start touching and fighting.  We stood in quite a long line for over an hour.  Both children were the most well-behaved.  I was very proud of them both.  Hailey did get antsy a couple of times so I took Hailey out of the stroller.  Oh, boy...that girl can play a room.  I think she spoke to, smiled and waved at every person that passed her.  She tried to leave with an older woman who said she worked with children with special needs for years.  She blew kisses to the nurse that works in the emergency room at our children's hospital.  She signed, she was a show-off.  At one point, she started getting loud.  I told her she needed to sign or talk if she needed something, but it wasn't okay to yell.  I heard a woman behind us look at the nurse and say, "she signs".  The nurse commented something to the effect that she was aware of teaching children sign language.  The woman said, "I knew they learned some, but I didn't know they could fully communicate with sign language."  The nurse responded that they are smarter than people realize.  (I know she was categorizing Hailey by saying "they", but today I don't care...I'll save that as a topic for another day.)  Standing in line waiting to vote, Hailey opened someone's eyes (maybe even more as others heard the conversation and watched Hailey interact with everyone....she had a lot of eyes on her...she was making sure was getting plenty of attention).  The woman and the nurse commented that they hated standing in line and maybe they should have voted tomorrow but then they wouldn't have met Hailey who made their day!

Hope everyone is having a fab Monday!

Here are a few pics of little Miss Rotten...

I wish someone would teach her that "cheese" doesn't mean squinting!

See...there she goes again!


  1. Miss Hailey and your blog are changing the world! Ellie never would have lasted 15 minutes let alone an hour waiting to vote. I am very impressed :-) Hailey is as cute as ever. Keep the pic cominng.

    1. To Hailey, this was probably better than waiting at her brothers' ball practices! At least here she had a huge audience that couldn't go anywhere! Knock on wood, 99% of the time we have no issues with her in public. It does make you feel good when you know that putting your life out in cyber-world helped at least one person!!

  2. Oh, how I'd love to get a picture of her and Levi together doing their squint faces for the camera! How funny! So cool about her making a difference today!

  3. We were at a wedding this weekend and by the end everyone knew Ben's name. There is just something special about our little ones, isn't there?