The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Friday, November 9, 2012

The World of Toddlers

Life here has finally fallen into routine again.  We've adjusted from the soccer season being over and basketball starting.  We are at the end of the year so most of Hailey's annual doctor appointments are still months away (we generally start the year with a bang).  We have a couple more therapy sessions and then we are on an 8 week break at the request of Hailey's therapists.

Our days are busy...aren't everyone's?!?  When we are at home, I'm amazed at how busy it is  now.  I was afraid Hailey would be sedentary, unengaging, dare I even say...lazy.  Oh my heavens...where on earth did I get that idea?!?!?  This girl is driving me crazy!  She is all over the place and into everything.  Cabinets, trash cans, diapers, bathrooms, boys' backpacks, countertops (she can now reach them and see the top of the table), computers, cameras, plants, closets, books, DVDs, etc.  I think you get the picture.  No matter where she is, she will find trouble and everything that she shouldn't have.  It drives me mad some days.  There are days I think my sole purpose is to clean up after the little hurricane.  She is quite defiant these days, too.  She doesn't listen to "no" or "stop".  She pouts when she doesn't get her way or you tell her "no" and "stop".  Hailey does whatever she wants, when she wants.  She will not do something until she is ready.  We are currently experiencing something I couldn't see when we were given Hailey's diagnosis.  It seemed to be a mountain so big and so high that we would never be able to climb it to see the view.  I never thought we would have days and days and days where Down syndrome wasn't thought of...wasn't talked about (unless online boards, blogs, etc).  It's just toddler.  She's driving me crazy and I love it!!!

Hailey napping in the car....I refuse to wake a sleeping toddler.

 Here is a video of Hailey playing with Ian before school today.  Apparently, saying "boo" is funny!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!  We are going to a wedding of very dear friends of ours!


  1. So cute! My husband even joined me watching this! Definitely makes me wish Cora had a sister.

    1. Trust me, they don't always play this well!!

  2. Ben is a ball of energy too! Loved the video!