The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Friday, October 9, 2015

Daddy's Girl

I love watching Hailey's relationships with other people.  I love watching her with her teachers, her siblings, her friends, her cousins, her grandparents, her aunts and uncles, but my favorite of all is watching her with her Dad.  When Hailey was diagnosed, I blamed myself and I felt like I had let everyone down.  The person I was the most worried about was Jason.  I felt like I had ruined our family and I was afraid that he would be disappointed in me.  Now, I only have to take one look at Hailey and her daddy and realize, it couldn't be further from the truth.  Hailey has him wrapped around her little finger.  She tells anyone who will listen to her that she is "Daddy's princess".  If mom says "no", she starts asking for Daddy.  In her eyes, he hung the moon.  The sight of them together makes my heart swell.

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