The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hailey & Her Brothers

It is not possible to blog for 31 days straight and not dedicate a post to Hailey's brothers.  They are her protectors...her tormentors...the subjects of her wrath...and her biggest fans!  When Hailey was born, a million questions and fears ran through my mind.  Like a ticker on the bottom of the television screen, they just coming, one after another.  They didn't stop.  Two of them were "what do I do about Brayden and Ian?" and "how will they handle everything?"

The smiles on their faces when they first saw their baby sister in the NICU said it all.  I've never seen such pure, instant adoration.  It's obviously not all love.  It is definitely a love-disgust relationship.  I frequently hear, "Mom, you have to get her out of here" and "Mom, a little help with her would be great".  On the flip side, she is the first one they look for when they walk in the door from school.  The love goes both ways.  She asks about them the second she gets off the bus and doesn't stop until the smile takes over her face when they walk in the house.  They are her world!

Pictures likes these make me smile and fill my heart.  I think they are all going to be okay.

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