The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Friday, October 2, 2015

Day in the Life of Hailey

A Day with Hailey
Being the youngest of 3, Hailey's days sometimes are not her own.  Some of them are dictated by her very active older brothers.  Between baseball, basketball and soccer, they keep the entire family's calendar booked.  Our week days are quite similar though (well...unless we are dealing with the lovely Midwest snow like we have all this winter).
I can't always tell you when Hailey's day begins.  Most days, it starts between 6:30 and 6:45.  Right before mom wakes up.  Hailey has a baby gate at her door to keep her from roaming through the house at night.  Last week, we woke to our door being slammed shut repeatedly!  She stands at her gate and exclaims quite loudly, "Bray-den!  Bray-den!"  He bounds up the stairs quickly trying to not wake the rest of the house up.  By the time I come downstairs at 7, Hailey is either in full play mode in the playroom or cuddled with her brothers on the couch.  They are deep into an electronic and don't seem to notice her curled up against them. 

Eventually, I can coax her to the table for breakfast.  She will generally eat the exact same breakfast every day.  Yogurt, waffle or cereal, fruit and water.  She will dictate that you use butter and syrup and she will tell you which fruit she wants.  Breakfast seems to be a nonstop battle recently because the boys eat and then head upstairs to get dressed.  Anytime one of the boys exits the room, Hailey believes that is her cue to leave the table.  Sigh....some days she is too observant.
She prefers for Daddy to get her donuts!
The boys leave at 7:45 and 8:15.  During that time, we convince Hailey to stop playing with the toys and dress up items she has chosen and we get dressed.  She's getting better at dressing herself, but still needs some assistance.  Four days a week Hailey has preschool so she waits for the bus with the boys.
Every now and then, she tries to convince me that this is proper attire for school!
Hailey loves school!  She gives me a big kiss and hug before she boards the bus.  I'm not sure how many kids they pick up a day with that much enthusiasm for school and the bus!

Singing at school
As soon as she gets off the bus, she has to check the mailbox and then we have to check her behavior chart.

Hailey walks into the house and has a "chat" with her bunny chair and then requests lunch.
Telling Bunny about our day

It's hardly a request though.  It's more of a dictatorship.  She tell me "crackers, yogurt, cheese, celery, ranch, turkey and grapes".  It will vary sometimes, but she seems to want the same every day.  She will not give me any objections if I change the "menu", but I generally do not fight her if we have everything she asks for.  Ironically, when she is home by herself, I don't have to fight her to remain at the table.  Just when big brothers are home...hmmm.....  Lunch is followed with play time.

She loves dress up and her babies!

I don't always see her when her brothers arrive home.  She loves being with them even if they ignore her from time to time.  The boys' work on their homework so we work on identifying shapes and letters and occasionally use apps on the iPad to work on letters and sounds.  She works better while the boys are doing their homework. 
Dinner varies depending on the night.  Some nights we eat as early as 4:45, but overall we prefer 6.  Most nights we eat, clean up and then head out the door for one of the boys' practices.  They aren't Hailey's favorite, but she has been getting better at them.  Some days she runs the entire time up and down the halls of the school...giggling the entire time.  Other times she will look at flashcards or a book.  It all depends on what Hailey's mood is. 
Sometimes, dinner must be eaten on the go.

She is their biggest fan!
Some days we play with other siblings at practice.
Bedtime starts at 7:30 with a bath and her medicine.  She currently takes two medicines for season allergies.  They are the only thing that seems to keep her sinus infections at bay.  I don't like to give her medicine, but she seems to have a runny nose year round if we don't.  After medicine, she asks for milk.  She will steal a snack if her brothers are within sight.  Ian has been known to hide so he doesn't have to share!  She will then tell you if she wants milk or kefir.  Sometimes she will even try to sneak chocolate milk.  She lines it all on the counter ready for you!
Here she stole someone's ice cream.
Bedtime for Hailey falls between 8:15 and 8:30.  99% of the time she lies down without a fight or disagreement.  Some nights she will tell us good night and head up the stairs when the boys head up.  Those nights, she sneaks in bed with them...hoping we will let you stay with them!  Hailey sleeps with a small army of stuffed animals.  Doc McStuffins, Chilly, Stuffy, Squeakers, Hallie, Lambie, Gabby, Boppy and her dolls, Bob and Abby.  Everyone has to sleep on their stomach...just like Hailey does.  She also sleeps with a weighted blanket.  It seems to calm her and help her stay asleep (yay for Mom and Dad!).  
Sneaking into bed with the boys.

She didn't even make it to bedtime!
Daddy referees and sometimes works late hours.  Whenever he comes home, she will stop any of these activities and park herself either beside him or on him...for as long as he will sit still!  Hailey is a pretty easy girl, but overall she likes her schedule and it seems to keep her centered.  Older brothers change it up a little, but she rolls with it.

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