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The Hailey Herald

Friday, November 11, 2011

My first born child

I'm sitting in a very quiet house...everyone else is napping and Brayden is at school.  Today is Veteran's Day and I am very thankful for all the service men and woman (past, present, and future) and their families who have sacrificed so much for the freedom of the rest of us. 

Today I also am so very thankful for my first born child, Brayden.  The poor thing has been our parenting guinea pig.  We hope we have done a good job!  He has always been very adaptable.  He's moved with us twice and lived in 3 major regions of the same state.  Brayden was our first born...we never knew love like the love we felt the second he was born.  I will never forget the look in my husband's face when Bray was born.  Our world revolved around him until Ian was born.  He handled being a big brother like a pro. He even named Ian (7 months before he was born and 7 months before we knew his gender). 

Brayden wears his heart on his sleeve...just like his mother.  He doesn't understand why everyone he meets would not want to be his best friend.  He sees everyone for who they are...a person...he doesn't see color, ability or disability.  Case in point, he has a little girl with Down syndrome in his class.  I've asked questions about the little girl.  He simply says that she needs a little extra  help from an aid and sometimes the kids have to help her make it back from music class.  I've asked if everyone plays with her at recess, his response, "Of course, mom...why wouldn't we?"  When we told him his sister has Down syndrome, his only question was "will she die from it?". 

Brayden loves his family (immediate and extended) more than anything in the world.  When he has company coming or he is traveling to visit family, he tells the world about it.  He is so enthusiastic!  His family makes him happier than anything in the world!  I'm not even sure if all of them truly understand how much he talks about them and loves them.

He loves school and would never dream of disappointing his teacher.  He loves math and is finding a new love in reading.  He is my peacekeeper and will do what he can to make his brother and sister happy.  This trait though "might" get us into trouble as the other two learn to take advantage of that.  Brayden loves all sports and LOVES to be part of a team.  He has more heart than any child I have ever seen on a field.  Brayden is very protective over his brother and sister.  He can fight with Ian but don't even let someone else mess his little brother!  I can't wait to watch Brayden grow into the wonderful man I know he will become.

Ready for his first basketball game
Seeing his baby sister the first day...he was afraid to hurt her.
Holding his sister on her first day home!

The boy who didn't get "enough" slushy

Entering the "Mr. Cool" stage

Look at that smile!

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  1. What sweet words. I am brushing away tears at your description of him, especially with regard to Hailey and his classmate. So sweet. I also am wondering what Cora being my first experiment at parenting means... :)