The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Patience is a virtue....(that I don't have)

This time of year always puts me into freak out panic mode.  I try to start everything early so maybe I will be finished in time for the holidays!  I always start Christmas shopping early.  We both have big families so financially it is smarter to spread it out instead of doing it all in a 4 week period.  I'm not doing half bad this year...We are 40 days away from Christmas and I'm 75% finished shopping.  The nieces, nephews and grandparents are all taken care of and about half of the shopping for our three has been completed.  Yesterday, Ian (my helper most of the time) and I wrapped about 30 gifts and they are ready to be taken to our families in a couple of weeks. 

I love trying different companies for our family Christmas card every year.  Right now is the best time to get holiday cards printed because lots of companies are giving away (20, 10, 15 cards) cards in the hopes that you will purchase more from them.  So on Sunday I decided it was time to take pics of the kids.  In hindsight, I have to question my sanity on this one.  Ian had vomited a couple of times the night before and my husband wasn't home.  I did at least feed them lunch....I wouldn't dare attempt pics on empty stomachs.  I have decided taking pics of 3 children is not a one person task!  I could have asked my dear friend who takes Hailey's pictures, I could have waited until I "knew" everyone was healthy, I could have waited for my husband to be home...did I, NOPE.  I'm not a patient person.  My husband complains that I get a thought and run with it...well, that is exactly what I did.  I had the card offers, I wanted to get them done...there was no stopping me.  I didn't even keep track of how many pics I took...I didn't even care if Hailey smiled....the boys were the hardest....I think out of all of them I have one good one of the 3 of them.  They are all smiling.  I was even able to get an individual of each of them.  I'm not attempting that task solo again!!!!!!

One would think that I would get better with this patience thing over the years...nope!  Here are a few of the ones that didn't make the cut...

I told Ian to put on khakis and a white tshirt...his argument....the shorts are khaki and the tshirt has white writing on it!

She has the superman pose down pat socks!

Oh what characters!!!!!


  1. I know these are your outtakes, but I love the expressions in the 2nd one :)

  2. The pics are so cute! I hope you post some of the non-outakes too!

  3. Your kids are adorable! Thanks for finding me! Looking forward to following along :)