The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Whole Lot of Rambing From Hailey

Well, I've decided to hijack mom's blog today.   I've heard through the grapevine that mom "claims" I am sassy and have a lot of attitude.  Hmmm...that is funny coming from my mom...there is so much attitude pouring out of my house, I'm surprised it hasn't exploded.  I love all of them, but wow...I get it honestly :-)  What mom failed to mention is, I give fair warning.  She just doesn't always heed it.  I normally start chatting long before I add attitude or sass to it.  It is when she is giving my brothers more attention to me that I start getting louder. 

Sometimes, my mom deserves it.  Honestly.  Recently, I have started moving around a lot.  I'm not sure why mom thinks I'm going to stay in the same spot for too long.  I get bored.  I need to explore.  There is so much to see and do and really sooooo many things for me to get into.  I really want to see what these boys are up to.  I've run into a little problem with my mobility.  No matter how hard mom tries, I just can't figure out this crawling forward thing.  I do, however, have scooting backwards mastered.  The up side is that I can find a ton of stuff to do and have even gotten myself into different rooms.  I'm not fond of the kitchen floor though (much too slippery).    The down side is that I have gotten myself stuck under furniture and between things.  I don't like that too much.  I tend to vocalize quite loudly that I need help, but mom thinks it is funny and insists on taking photos first and helping me second.  So you see, she does deserve some of my attitude!  And...a way to get even with her is to give her my "squishy" face instead of smiling for all of her pictures!

I can't do much stuck between the couch and ottoman.  Can you help me?  Are the pictures necessary?

Can't you just show me how to get my foot out of here?
What wise guy put this door here?  I'm trying to make my getaway.

I made into the kitchen but what happened to my headband...this is not picture-worthy hair!

I can't move very good on this floor, can you help me back into the family room?  I told you, I'm giving you "squishy" face for laughing at me!

If any of my blogging friends out there have any suggestions on getting mom to take fewer pics and to help me out a little more, please let me know!

On another note, I wanted to make sure that I tell about what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving.  It's a pretty long list.  I tried telling God about them in church this evening but mom kept telling me to "shhh".  Everyone else was singing, why couldn't I start talking?  They were getting kind of loud and I was afraid no one could hear me so I "might" have gotten a little louder.

Here are some of the things that I'm thankful for...
  • My daddy.  I'm ignoring him at the moment though because he was gone last week on business.  He went to Orlando and didn't take me to see Mickey.  I won't look at him when he talks to me (I turn my head) and forget about me smiling at him.  He did bring be back a present but I think I'm going to make him work a little harder for my attention.
  • My mommy.  She drives me crazy sometimes.  She makes me exercise a lot and keep pushing (and sometimes I want to give up).  She takes care of me and my brothers.  She is so goofy (she's always making faces and singing songs to make me laugh).  I think she might be the funniest in the house because she is the only one I will laugh at right now.
  • My brothers.  They really are the best.  Ian loves to bring me toys (he doesn't make me work for them like mom does!) and he loves to tickle me and give me kisses.  I don't get to see Brayden much because he goes away every day on this big yellow bus but he gives me lots of hugs and kisses when he gets home every day.  I can't wait to spend the holidays with them.  I know they are going to want to share everything with me!
  • The rest of my family and friends.  I'm so lucky to have so many fabulous family and friends in my life.  They love me and "oooh" and "aaahh" over everything I do.  They give me so much attention!
  • The great medical professionals that I have dealt with over the last 8 1/2 months.  The staff at the NICU were awesome.  They sang to me, rocked me and took great care of me.  The cardiologist that keeps an eye on me and then the fabulous surgeon who fixed my heart.  I will never be able to thank him enough.  I love my pediatrician too.  He always asks how mommy, daddy and my brothers are too.  
  • My therapists.  They work so hard to help me learn new things.  I really love my EI therapist.  She pushes me but she is on the same page as mom.  They aren't putting a limit on what I can accomplish.  They both expect me to go to the moon and back!
  • Plus, let's face it...I'm just a baby.  I'm thankful for a lot of less serious stuff, too....Sofie my giraffe (she always puts me in a good mood), all my toys, cheerios and puffs, my wardrobe (I have some really cute clothes) and hair bows.  My newest love is table food...I really like broccoli!  I think technology is pretty cool.  I keep trying to get my mom's ipod and dad's blackberry but they think I slobber too much.  A lot of people get to keep up with what I'm doing to thanks to technology too. 
I'll let mom have her blog back tomorrow.  I'm sure I will have plenty of stuff to get into and will probably be too busy.  I keep telling the boys I want to color with them and play legos but they don't want me to play with them.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to spend the day with the people they love.


  1. Hilarious (and sweet). Thanks for sharing, Hailey! Love the pics of her getting "stuck". And that little squinchy face is almost the exact same one Cora does when she's really excited. I have started thinking of it as her Hailey face!

  2. Love this post! Miss Hailey, you have a great sense of humor :)

  3. So cute! Hailey, you need to steal your mom's blog more often:)