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The Hailey Herald

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another tradition

The other day, a blogging friend of mine from Our Cora Bean posted the other day about a wave emotions that hit her while listening to a story on the radio.  I could relate to her....her feelings, the tears, the fears.  I've had all of them too.  I could also relate to how emotions can knock you over during the strangest times and sometimes over the most unrelated events.  Yesterday was mine...

The kids and I headed to Great Wolf Lodge for their annual Snowland festivities.  They do a celebration for their tree lighting and Santa's arrival.  We've been there every year since they started.  We were watching the clock tower show when they played their "Snowland" song.  The song goes on about it being Snowland and all their friends are there.  It continues with something about it being their favorite time of the year.  At that moment, I started fighting back the tears.  I was standing in the lobby with 300-400 other guests.  I couldn't breakdown in the midst of that.  I was having a flashback to last year.  The emotions of being pregnant, the baby being only a few months from being born.  All the hopes and dreams I had for that baby girl.  As I stood there, I looked down at the beautiful dimpled little girl that I held in my arms.  She's not the baby that I dreamed about last year...I don't have the same hopes and dreams that I had a year ago.  She's so much more.  Yes, we have been sad and frustrated (and even mad) at times that life is different but nothing could change the love and admiration we have for this sweet little girl.  I texted a friend as I was fighting my tears about how different our life is over last year.  She simply replied, "It's so much better."  I smiled...yes, it is.

Santa and Mrs. Claus made their arrival as mom regained composure.  We waited in line for Hailey's first picture with Santa.  Santa and Mrs. Claus almost had a throw down as to who was holding Hailey so they compromised and both held her.  She didn't smile...but rarely will she ever do anything "on command"...she is 9 months old.  She was captivated with everything...Santa's beard, the trim on Mrs. Claus' jacket.  When I look at that picture of my 3 beautiful children, I have so many new hopes and dreams for the 3 of them and I thank God every day that he has blessed me with them. 

I know as the holiday season and Hailey's first birthday approaches, there will be more moments like last night.  The tears will come from no where and something odd will trigger them. That's okay...we've come a long way in 9 months!

Waiting for "snow" in the lobby

Hailey's first time seeing Santa....seems less than thrilled!

Hey Santa...can I pull on this?

Life-size gingerbread house

They do love one another!

Hmmm....can I get ahold of this tree?

You said smile, mom!


  1. Lovely. It's made me happy to get feedback and know that these moments are perfectly natural and are OK. And how illuminating to realize that yes, things are really better than we hoped a year ago. And I could melt over that last photo of Hailey!! So stinking cute! It looks like this was a great day for the family.

  2. I feel the same way, life is so much better this Christmas than last!

  3. I cried when I read Our Cora Bean's post the other day. Something tells me that all of these emotions are normal and that they can hit us when we least expect it. Yes, even though it is different than we imagined, life is so much better this Christmas. Beautiful photos!

  4. Gorgeous!! I've had a few of these same thoughts recently. It's amazing how much has changed in a year, and what will change in the next year.