The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rambling thoughts from the week...

I don't really have anything profound to talk about today.  Just a lot of rambling and catching up of the remainder of our week.  I always snicker when Hailey's therapist gives us our "homework" for the week.  This week L commented that she would like to see Hailey take more of an interest in the Christmas tree.  Wednesday night the kids and I were in the playroom when I look over to see Hailey grabbing three ornaments off the tree.  She seems to always "complete" one task right after L leaves!  Almost like a "see, I could do it all along, I just chose NOT to".

Who?  Me?  What?  I didn't do anything!
Ha, Ha, Ha!  L - you had me in front of the wrong tree.  I think this one much better.  The boys put the ornaments low, just for me :-)          
St. Nick stopped by our house this week and made the boys super happy!  He had to improvise though because Mom has yet to find a stocking for Hailey that even remotely matches the rest of the family's.  The boys got a wii game that they have been wanting and candy (leftover from Halloween...they have no clue!) and Hailey received a dress that ironically mommy has been eyeing for Hailey's pics :-)

Thursday we went on a different adventure.  We went with one of Ian's friends to Bass Pro Shop.  They saw Santa, played some games, colored, wrote letters to Santa, and pretended to shoot "game" throughout the store.  This last part was funny!  My family always say I'm raising a couple of "city" boys.  Well, Ian  is definitely a cross between a city boy and a country boy!  He asked for Carhartt overalls and ended up with a "pop" gun so he can "shoot" things around our house.  We did convince him that the pop gun was an outside toy (otherwise it will drive us all batty!!!)

He is definitely NOT camera shy!

I think she has hit her Santa quota for the year!

Who would have thought Bass Pro Shop could be so much fun!

Too much excitement for this little one.
I can "hear" it popping just looking at this pic! 

I had a dear friend who is expecting another little one very soon come visit with us this week.  Hailey seemed to enjoy her first taste of Chipotle.  She sampled some rice, black beans and guacamole.  She looks like a little bird when someone is eating.  She leans forward and opens her mouth.  She also decided this week that she loves chicken, dumplings and mashed potatoes. 

Hailey is still on the move.  Yesterday she traveled from the middle of the family room through the length of the kitchen and was stopped by the laundry room door (which did not make the mobile little girl happy!).  Yes, it was all backwards but she is using her legs and getting on her knees.  We have to start somewhere, don't we?

Hmm...what is this flooring?
Hey, mom!  I'm over here!

Help!  I have no where else to go!
Mom, can you please just help me and NOT take a picture?!?
Hailey and I did head to Children's this morning for her thyroid blood draw.  She is the strongest, toughest cookie I have ever seen.  They tried both arms and similar to the ped's office, it didn't work.  I commented that there wasn't an issue the last time she had blood drawn but then after checking her charts...she has gained a little over 6 pounds since that one.  The phlebotomist said the extra "meat" on her does make it more difficult.  In the end, they had to prick her finger and fill the vials one drop at a time.  My little trooper only whimpered once.  She is the bravest person I know (and she doesn't even realize it!)

Tonight we attended our neighbor's church's annual Christmas program.  We have been attending the past few years and as always, this year's did not disappoint.  The first half is filled with popular songs of the season and the second half is the story of the birth of Jesus.  My high energy boys every year stay mesmerized for the full hour and half (the snacks our neighbor brings "might" help their attention span!).  I love this program.  It gets my heart and soul in the Christmas spirit.  The festive, Santa-side and the spiritual side.  Hailey wasn't sure of the noises and was out before the telling of Jesus' birth.

Santa is also checking his/her list and then double checking :-)  I always blame my husband on "over" buying for the kids.  After making my list of what has already been purchased, I think I may have falsely accused him :-)  We are heading out shopping next week just the two of us and I can't wait.  I look forward to it all year!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  It is the first day in 7 that we have nothing on the agenda.  We plan on spending it in our pjs making cookies and Christmas crafts.  Ha!!!  I hope that really happens but in our house...something is bound to interfere :-)


  1. So cute! Can't believe she is so mobile already. Wow. And that outfit is adorable. I am bad. I don't have any holiday outfits for Cora. Nothing even remotely red and green. And I hate shopping. She'll be attending this weekend's holiday parties in... you guessed it: pink!

  2. Look how adorable she is!

    You won one of the shutterfly codes for 25 free cards, but I can't find your email. Please send me an email so I can send the gift code to you! Congrats!