The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Crazy?

In one of my comments last week, someone commented that Hailey has quite a few Christmas clothes.  So I started looking....ok....yes, Hailey does have an excess of Christmas attire (clothes, blankets, and pjs).  In my defense, some of it was gifts but we do love the season!  The boys watch a Christmas show every night from Thanksgiving until Christmas.  We "attempt" at least one Christmas craft a season (more of that fiasco later in the week!). 

My mother-in-law is crazy for Christmas.  She has a room in her house that stays Christmas year round.  I sometimes think she confuses the children because Santa truly is always watching you in that room!  I grew up near a town called Santa Claus (Indiana) where something of Christmas is always visible.  Streets are named Donder, Blitzen, Snowball Run....I think you get the picture!  There is an amusement park there called Holiday World where they have a Christmas section to the park where Santa resides every summer. 

My husband and I were married the week between Christmas and New Years.  The church was still decorated with trees, white lights and poinsettias.  The reception had lots of trees and white lights.  The tables had fresh evergreens and wrapped presents.  Our gift table looked like Santa's sleigh and our card box looked like a fireplace with stockings hanging by the fire.  Our guests took home Christmas ornaments from the tree. it a product of our environment?  I don't know.  I love the feeling I get when I hear the boys whisper to Santa what they wish for this year (even if it changes with each visit and letter to Santa).  I love the enthusiasm the boys exhibit when making ornaments for their friends and families.  The joy in their faces making Christmas cookies.  We look forward to spending time with our families no matter how long or short.  We love randomly driving around through subdivisions searching for the biggest and brightest yard light displays...(I found it yesterday during the day but I'm not sure I can find it again...I am positive this yard will look like a lite bright screen at night!).  My favorite moment of all (and I hope to always capture it on video) is the excitement and joy on the boys' faces as they round the corner of the hall Christmas morning ( our house it is the 23rd) to see what Santa has brought them.  My heart skips a beat and I have butterflies in my stomach...every time!  I love the magic that Christmas seems to bring!

Here is "some" of Hailey's Christmas apparel...I think I missed a few pairs of pjs, a shirt or two and a couple blankets...but you get the idea :-)

I really LOVE my Cheerios!

This is my favorite (but she is actually one of 3 favorite gifts!)

See the snowmen on the blanket.

Nope...I didn't purchase this one!  Like the "Mom, are you finished yet?" look!


  1. I say that you can't have enough Christmas clothes! Hailey looks adorable in each one!

  2. I know. I'm jealous and trying not to shop much this year. So we have NO Christmas clothes. Kind of sad, really. I will most likely break down and get something this week so I don't feel like the most uncaring mother ever.

  3. Lovely! Hailey rocks all of those Christmas clothes :)

  4. I love all of her Christmas tights and/or legwarmers. We live in a really warm climate so my daughter misses out on most of the fun legwear. Hailey is adorable!