The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Monday, February 13, 2012

13 days to go...

First off...Wow....we are only 13 days away from our little monkey turning 1!  I can't believe it.  Each day that little girl brings so many smiles to our faces and continues to amaze us.  She has a new trick but I can't jinx her anymore.  I'm hoping to share soon.  I shared with a couple people and now she won't do it again so I will wait a little while longer :-)  I promise it is big and I cried like a baby!  That girl is a fighter and boy, is she determined. 

We had a low-key weekend.  My oldest is almost finished with basketball.  He loves it.  The entire time he plays with a huge smile across his face.  He plays with heart and loves every minute of it.  He always gives his all!  I think Hailey will enjoy having her regular Saturday naps again :-)

I attempted to make cake pops.  I'm practicing for Hailey's birthday party.  Well, round 1 didn't look the greatest but wow...they were delicious.  Guess we will try again this weekend.  Hopefully I can have them mastered for her party.

Hailey definitely likes the new found freedom that army crawling gives her.  She likes to explore other rooms and enjoys looking for her brothers.  I'm not sure her brothers are too happy with it...they have to keep more of their toys and "special" things picked up!

Ummm....can someone help me?  I've managed to lodge myself under the table.

Heading down the hall after Ian's baseball.

What?  I'm not doing anything!
We continue to push Hailey in therapy.  Gross motor wise...she is doing good.  We are now working on more cognitive and fine motor.  Our little garbage disposal does still like to rake food in her mouth some days.  I think she is afraid we aren't going to feed her?  Not sure what her urgency is.  It is funny watching her watch the boys eat.  She leans forward as far as her highchair allows almost drooling over their food.  It is comical!  The girl likes her food!  Her favorite still seems to be mexican.  Pizza is growing on her.  She is good for her mom's self-esteem...she eats all the crazy veggie concoctions I make and doesn't make a face about them.  She doesn't argue and she signs for "more".  I will overlook the fact that she LOVES to show off her signing...maybe she is just practicing and not asking for more brussel sprouts or cabbage ??  Who knows :-)

"More"...don't I look cute?

We have found out, we need to be more careful with Hailey in her highchair.  If we don't pull her away from the counter, she has started exploring her surroundings a little more.  Yesterday, she found this...

The boys were quick to take it away from her...I think their next comments were "it's not fair"!

Today, Hailey had a follow-up with ophthalmology.  He agreed that her nystagmus was much better than in September.  He didn't see anything abnormal and seemed to think everything was good.  We go back in August for dilation.  If all goes well, we will then more to annual appointments.  Yay...a good specialist appointment!

No more appointments for a couple weeks...then we have cardio, audiology and well-check with shots.  Poor thing!

Happy Monday!


  1. I love seeing her! It's fun that she loves to show off her signing.

    I hear you about naps - don't you feel like the third child just misses out on some of the schedules that the first had (and the second might have had)? I feel fortunate that Ben is so easygoing, since he gets carted around to soccer games and preschool and Walmart, etc. He mostly has to catch a nap whenever and wherever he can! I am *trying* to do a better job of protecting his afternoon naps, but sometimes ... it just doesn't quite happen.

    1. We have gotten much, much better about a routine for afternoon naps. Morning nap is hit or miss and many times, she has to get it where ever we are...Target, dr. office, car, etc. Poor 3rd child :-)

  2. Love all the OSU gear! LEvi has an ENT appt. Thurs. & I am hoping for a good report. Glad you got good news!