The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thanks Mom....what a great birthday present!

I've been having good birthday celebrations. Mom has even given me cake twice. is AWESOME!  I wish they would give it to me all the time but Mom said not to get used to it.  I have received lots of good presents.  I have a baby stroller that they say I'm supposed to walk with.  I can stand but I'm not quite sure my legs know how to move once I'm up there.

I also got a really cool car to drive around outside while the big kids ride their bikes.  Mommy said something about it making me work on my core but I'm not quite sure what she's babbling about.  I just think I look good driving it :-)

My big brothers picked out clothes for me.  They thought I needed Minnie shirts for our trip to Disney this summer.  I liked them because they are sparkly.  My favorite gift was the wrapping paper.  I could have played with that all day but big brother Ian kept taking it away from me.  He said he was afraid I was going to eat it.  I just liked the sound it makes.

My birthday abruptly came to an end when my mommy woke me up at 5 a.m.  I like to get up early but my earliest is about 7!  Then she said I had to eat breakfast.  Really, mom!  I wanted to go back to sleep.  I ate all of my cereal and prunes and then snuggled with mommy on the couch.  At 7 she woke me up again and told me I had to drink my milk.  I never did understand why she made me get up and tell me I HAD to eat until later....  I think I saw mommy eating lunch but she wouldn't share.  No matter how long and hard I screamed and yelled at her.  She wouldn't get me more food.  She gave me some strange orange stuff.  It was okay.  I drank it because she wouldn't give me anything else.

Later we drove to Children's.  The nurses made me strip down to my diaper.  I really wanted to leave my birthday shirt on but they said I couldn't.  The nurse then squirted some yucky stuff in my mouth and I started to get really sleepy.  I don't remember anything after that until mommy woke me up.  I kept trying to go back to sleep but no one would let me.  Mommy said while I was sleeping they checked my heart.  The cardiologist said it looks great.  The patch is doing its job.  She also said we need to watch the pressure on my left side of the heart but the cardiologist isn't concerned just yet.  The audiologist also ran tests while I was sleeping.  She told mommy that I can hear perfectly.  I could have told her that.  I just choose to ignore everyone once in awhile.  I like to be by myself sometimes. Those brothers of mine are quite loud!  I was so very sleepy the rest of the day but Tuesday I was my old self again.

Well....that was until Mom told me I had to go to the pediatrician and I needed shots.  I thought this was my birthday week....yucky medicine that makes me sleep and shots...then they took blood from my big toe....not the best birthday presents if you ask me!  The nurse didn't think I could do a bunch of stuff but mommy corrected her.  Mommy seemed a little miffed at the nurse but quite pleased with herself when she corrected her.  I even added to it by 4 point crawling on the exam table in front of the nurse.  I guess that will show her not to under estimate what I can do.  My mommy was really proud of me then!  Her and my big brother started cheering.  Wonder what the big deal was?  The doctor said I'm growing well (I weigh 18 lbs 4 oz, but the hospital said 18 lbs 8 oz the day before) and everything else checked out.  Mommy seemed very happy when we left. 

I have more family coming this weekend.  I bet that means more presents and lots of attention!  I'm not sure what the big deal is about turning 1 but everybody seemed excited.  I saw mommy cry a few times and looked at me kind of funny but she always followed it by a big hug and kiss so I guess everything is okay!

It's time for my nap so I will talk to everyone soon!

Another birthday outfit.  Mommy said we will celebrate all week!

I think I'm very funny!

Ian wouldn't share the iPad so I decided to take it myself!


  1. Hi Hailey, this is Cora. Happy Birthday! I am an expert on birthdays too, since I had one a few weeks ago too. Now we're both 1! My mommy keeps telling me that I should be like you and try to crawl, but I do not like to bend my knees and I don't really care what my mommy thinks anyway. I know how you feel about everyone thinking it's great that you're 1, but then they start doing mean things to you. There have been a LOT of mean people lately. Mommy calls them nurses. I REALLY don't like nurses! My mommy starved me and took me to the hospital too, but then I was there forever and it hurt a lot. I'm still not happy about it and tell Mommy that, but I think she feels pretty bad about it. (She's still letting me watch Sesame Street sometimes during the day- ha ha! I may keep up the crying thing for a while if I can watch Elmo!) Even though it was no fun, I'm glad to be home with my mostly nice mommy. And I am happy that your heart and your hearing looks good! P.S. I like your car. Maybe your mommy can tell my mommy about it. I never get cool toys like that.

  2. I'm inspired by Leah . . . Hi Hailey! This is Ben. Can we go for a drive sometime? I have a a red car just like your new pink one! Happy birthday!