The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Thursday, February 2, 2012

One of My Dreams

Between traveling "back home" over the weekend, trying to start planning for Hailey's birthday party, the weather being ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, therapy and audiology this week...this momma is almost whipped.  I have so many blog posts that I want to do swirling in my a family trying to raise money to visit their beautiful little girl to bring her to her forever home and the wonderful community that rallies around them (see Hailey's friend Ellie's birthday wish here), how excited we are for Hailey's birthday celebration because it is soooo much more than just a 1st birthday for Hailey, Hailey's current therapy and progress, and her audiology appointment this week.  All of them have to wait...for now....I will catch up with all of them over the next few days.

I have to share something with you.  I remember back in March of last year.  I was sitting in the middle of my living room floor with a team of professionals about Hailey's EI (early intervention).  They were explaining all the lingo and processes that were so foreign to me (which I now speak fluently).  We were writing out Hailey's IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan).  It is our goal...what we are working to achieve.  I remember looking down at my tiny, baby girl.  I remember high do I set this goal?  What is truly important to us?  I finally said with a shaken voice and tears in my eyes, "I want her to play with her brothers.  I want her to participate in our family."  At that very moment, I'm not even sure I believed it would happen...remember, I knew absolutely zero about Down syndrome.

OK...the point of my story.  Last night I was cleaning the kitchen when I hear squealing and laughing coming from the family room.  The sight brought a smile to my face and tears once again to my eyes.  These weren't sad tears...not disappointed tears...not scared tears...not worried tears.  These tears were those of absolute, pure joy...pride.  My heart was full.  The boys were playing on the floor while their baby sister tackled them.  She was crawling all over them laughing and kissing them every chance she could.  She was laughing at them and yelling.  They were yelling at her and laughing.  I received my very simple dream.  At the time, I didn't realize how big it was....last night I did.

Forgive my daughter's was close to bedtime and she was in the process of getting her pjs on.

Thank goodness the girl doesn't have teeth!!!

Maybe I should just sit on him

What???...I'm not doing anything!


  1. So cute. Max adores wrestling with his sister, too!

  2. I love moments like that! Such cute kids!

  3. Oh my goodness, I loved seeing Hailey wrestle with her brothers. I still don't trust Colin to be gentle enough with Ben. Hailey has great older brothers!

  4. Those pictures (and that moment) are pure priceless joy! LOVE!