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The Hailey Herald

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rainbows and Unicorns

I have been asked, "Do you really tell new parents with a newborn with Down syndrome congratulations?"  My answer is without a shadow of a doubt "yes".  Some might ask, why?  How can you congratulate something that comes with so many complications?  Aren't you glamorizing Down syndrome?

First off, aren't all babies a miracle...a blessing.  Shouldn't all babies be celebrated?  A new life.  A beautiful creation of two people.  A gift from God.  Secondly, I don't love everything about Down syndrome.  I love my daughter who has Down syndrome.  I do not like all the complications that come with it.  I don't like that my daughter works so much harder than other kids.  I don't like that she has more doctor appointments per year than the boys have had in their entire life.  I don't like that low muscle tone (caused by Down syndrome) causes issues with speech, walking, writing, cutting, potty training.  I don't love that I have several trees worth of paperwork about Hailey from school, doctors and therapists in my house.  I don't like that we cannot get a life insurance policy for Hailey because she has Down syndrome.  I don't like that classmates and society looks at her differently.  So no, I don't think Down syndrome is rainbows and unicorns.  But my daughter is.  I love that little girl with all of my heart and soul.  As I've said before, she was the missing puzzle piece to our family.  She completed our family.  She has a laugh that makes people stop and smile.  She has a determination that I have never seen.  She is motivated and stubborn.  She keeps trying until she gets something.  Beware if she does something to make you laugh because she will not forget it and will continue to do it because she loves to make you laugh. 

My daughter has a way with people that the boys don't.  People are drawn to her.  She is drawn to certain people.  I don't know what part of Hailey is due to Down syndrome.  If you took Ds away, would she be as determined and stubborn.  If you removed that extra chromosome or masked it, would you take away that spirit she has or that laugh or that smile?  I know her appearance would be different.  Her eyes may not look the same.  She wouldn't give the same hugs.  No one can answer that question.  So the end result...I love my daughter who has Down syndrome.  I don't see Down syndrome.  I see daughter.  Down syndrome is a part of her.  They are a package deal.

My daughter is rainbows and unicorns (and a clown, a monkey, and as stubborn as a mule).

Doesn't everyone spend their day in footed pjs, jewelry and patriotic wolf ears :-)

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  1. Perfect post! And I love Hailey's style....... :)