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The Hailey Herald

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Boy All Grown Up

I was glad when we found out Hailey was a girl.  Not for the reasons most people think.  I didn't particularly want a certain gender.  It truly didn't matter.  It did, however, change things for my middle child.  I hope he never feels like the forgotten middle child.  He will forever be my baby boy even though he has an old soul.  We have friends that joke he is a 40 year old trapped in a 4 year old's body.  He acts older than his age...sometimes he acts like the oldest child.  Last year at 3, he knew the entire starting line-up of the Cincinnati Reds and their positions.  He made us watch every game that was televised and even asked if he could ask the neighbors to watch their TV when it was on a station we didn't get.  He is his little sister's protector and has been since the day she came home.  He worships his older brother and would do anything to get him to play with him.  

Well this week, my baby boy grew up a little more right before his momma's eyes.  He graduated from preschool.  I thought I might shed a few tears but I managed to smile through the entire thing.  There are days I forget how old he really is.  I think I might rely on him a little too much.  I'm secretly thrilled that his kindergarten will only be half days....Hailey and I would miss him too much during the day :-)  I couldn't be prouder of him.

Trying so hard to not smile at mom

Peanut and Daddy
Looking for her buddy E

There's my big guy

E with his teachers....God bless them...they had 10 boys and 4 girls in their class this year

Graduation failed to keep Hailey awake
The graduate with Mamaw and Papaw

Mommy & Daddy with our baby boy

My two oldest decided he would rather go to his religion class than graduation

His dinner choice...McDs

Nap made her a happy girl

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  1. Colin would pick McDonalds too as his favorite restaurant! Congrats to him. Colin still has one more year at home before kindergarten. I'm already feeling sad that he's getting so big.