The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Monday, May 7, 2012

Too much

I had a conversation with a dear friend today that summed up something I had been feeling for awhile. I have been an open book...sometimes emotional person all my life. I think it was worse after having children, but now I feel it even more so since having Hailey. I mentioned how I cried when my oldest walked down the aisle in church to make his first communion this weekend. I teared up when my middle son scored a goal on Saturday with both sides of his family ther to cheer him on. I teared up today at therapy with Hailey. My friend explained it very simply, but perfectly. She said that she gets teary anytime things are too much....too much memory in the making..too much fun..too much pride...too much laughter...too much sadness. That is what I've been feeling over the last few days. Too much pride...too much love...too much happiness.

Saturday was a busy, special day in our household.  We had families in town for my oldest's first communion.  My middle son was excited beyond words because it meant that he was going to have a very large cheering section at his soccer game.  Let me tell you...he is a performer in general...add a dozen or so fans to watch him play soccer and he was on cloud 9!  He scored a goal early on in the game...he didn't stop grinning the rest of the game.  They cried.  I love watching him succeed, I love watching him play so hard, I love watching the pride in his face that he scored and his family saw it all.  Later in the game, he had the ball a few feet from his goal, instead of making the goal, he passed the ball to another teammate giving the other player a chance to score a goal.  The other little boy didn't score but I was so proud of my little guy.

Showing off

The boy is a machine on the field

The youngest grandchild (for now) with the oldest.  She loves him!

Serious conversation with the troublesome duo

That afternoon we all changed and headed to church.  We left the house in such a is like that in our house often...we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Frequently arriving about 5-10 minutes late.  I didn't have time to think about what my oldest was doing.  We were all focusing on getting there...dressed and hopefully on time!  We stood up at the beginning of mass and watched the children walk into church.  One glimpse of my oldest and the tears were brimming.  Dressed in his suit and tie (trying so hard not to look stiff and miserable)...I was so proud.  He looked so grown up.  I probably didn't pay as much attention to mass that night as I should have.  I couldn't stop watching my son.  He did good and it means so much to all of us.  He kept looking over his shoulder grinning...making sure we were all watching him.  We headed home, changed clothes and had dinner with our families.  The kids had a ball playing in the yard.

So proud of him

With Mamaw & Papaw

Grandkids on Dad's side

Mamaw & Papaw

With his godparents

With Aunt Kerri

With Uncle Scott

Our oldest

Take 1.....

Take 2.....

Finally! side

Today, Hailey had an appointment at Children's Hospital.  I try to schedule those appointments mid morning.  I loathe traffic downtown...I try to avoid morning traffic and the afternoon rush.  Unfortunately, her PT/Speech appointment is at 9 a.m.  So, my 20 mile drive is an hour long...ugh!  I hate arriving frazzled.  She only goes to see them every other month so it always makes me anxious.  I'm always nervous what they have to Hailey does during that far behind she is now.  I never seem to remember where this appointment is so Hailey and I were on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the building.  So...I was frazzled, anxious, and annoyed!  Not how I like to start the appointment.  I prefer to be there on time and ready to focus and pay attention.  Neither of them had seen Hailey since March.  It was during her evaluation at the Thomas Center (Down syndrome clinic).  Hailey had a runny nose (teething) and seemed a little overwhelmed with so many people in the room.  She had just learned how to army crawl and didn't "perform" to her true self.  Today, little miss was a rockstar!  She showed off her crawling...pulled to stand...babbled...stood and reached for items...knelt and played the drum...imitated...repeated some sounds...responded to her brothers' names and pointed.  She even started practicing her wall squats to get her legs stronger in preparation for walking.  At some point while I was watching Hailey interact with the two of them, I teared up (fortunately, they didn't see me).  She was doing so well and they were so proud of her...cheering her on.  I was so proud of all she has accomplished...of all she has overcome...all the potential that she has.

Hailey's piggies

Hailey with her new cousin

Hmmm...what will she do if I touch her face?

Let's go play!

Maybe I need to get closer...

What else does she do?

Babies are fun!

So you see....I have too much in my life right now.  Too much pride...too much happiness...too much love.  We are living in the moment and enjoying it right now.  I thank God every did I ever get so lucky!


  1. You have a lot to be proud of.

  2. Go Hailey! And York boys seem likevery nice young men : )

  3. Life is good!! My nephew makes his First Communion this Sunday. Where does the time go?