The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Well check...that is what Hailey's appointment was today.  I thank God every day because overall, Hailey is healthy.  Yes, she has Down syndrome but as many others have said before and we all continue to to say, it doesn't mean she isn't well or that she is sick.  We have more doctor and specialists appointments than a lot of children with only 46 chromosomes, but most of them are preventative to stay on top of things that are common issues with children with DS....hearing, vision, thyroid checks, etc.  We want to make sure that we keep checking so in case she is having an issue, we nip it in the bud before it hinders her learning or growing.

With all that said, Hailey had her 15 month check today.  Here are the stats at 15 months:
  Height:  29 1/4"  8%
  Weight:  19 lbs 4 oz   7%
  Head circumference:  17 1/2  15%

She is still hanging onto the charts.  With the amount the girl eats...I can't believe she doesn't weigh 30 lbs, but when you are frequently climbing the stairs of a two story house, chasing your brothers from room to room and trying to see what goodies we can find on top of the couch, I guess that burns up a lot of calories :-)
Get me out of here!
  We love, love, love our pediatrician.  We chose a different pediatrician for Hailey (not due to her having DS) because of insurance issues.  We love the boys' doctor for them but Hailey's is perfect for her.  He knows that Hailey is a part of a bigger unit and spends time talking about the entire family, finding out what is going on, how things are going with therapies, her development, any issues or concerns before he starts examining her. 

Hailey was on her best behavior today.  She showed off her crawling and her standing.  The doctor made the mistake of asking about her "bottle"...Hailey jerked her head up and started looking around jabbering "ba-ba-ba-ba".  She definitely knew what he was talking about!  He continued with his standard examination.  Hailey does NOT like to be restrained...not to change her diaper...not to put on a bib...and definitely not to be examined.  She wiggled away from the stethoscope...she made faces with the tongue depressor and finally conceded with the otoscope (ears...I had to google it!).  Ears were clear, lungs and heart sounded good, everything else he poked and prodded for in her abdomen were good.  While looking in her mouth, we did get an "oh my!"...which is never a good sign!  He followed it with, "With the amount of teeth coming in, you are lucky that she only has a runny nose."  Apparently, little one is getting a set of molars, her other front tooth and a few on bottom all at the same time....doesn't that sound like fun!

What are we waiting for?

I already did patty-cake...what's next?

We go back in 3 months for another well-check and for a blood draw for her thyroid.  Hopefully she will continue to gain weight and get a little taller....maybe a little more hair while she's at it :-)

I guess these bracelets will do since you made me get shots!


  1. Cutie! She is getting so big!!

  2. Yay for a good report. We pretty much have to put Max in a headlock just to take his temperature!

  3. So cute! Glad the appointment went well. Kennedy was trying to crawl away during the exam too!

  4. Happy to hear that Hailey is doing so well. Such a little cutie!

  5. Glad you had a good appointment. She is a doll. and I'm glad I'm not the only one taking pictures at doctors appointments! LOL

  6. My daughter has her check up in June. She will be almost 17 months. Is Hailey walking yet? Or cruising on the furniture? I want my little girl to walk so badly. She seems to want to, but just does not have the balance yet.


    1. I'm afraid walking is a long way off for us. She pulls to stand on everything and is slowly starting to cruise on the couch. I think her downfall is that crawling is sooooo much faster!

  7. Hailey is doing so well! Ben has his next check up Monday . . . I think I need to bring my camera:)