The Hailey Herald

The Hailey Herald

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

21 things about Hailey....

1 - When she wants to kiss your cheek, she will reach her right hand out for your face and then plant a very wet kiss on your other cheek.  Absolutely makes my day!

2 - She likes every food we give her....she even tries to go for the ones we don't give her.  She loves blowing raspberries with a full mouth of green veggies!

3 - She has the tiniest feet of any of my children.

4 - She is Houdini....she has gotten out of swaddling blankets and even a pair of her pants once.

5- Hailey rolled over at an earlier age than either of her brothers.

6 - I'm going to jinx myself with this one....she has been sleeping through the night for a long time.  She probably would have when we first brought her home from the hospital if we didn't need to wake her up to eat.

7 - She is a HORRIBLE napper (unless, of course, you are holding her)

8 - She has never met a stranger...if you talk to her, she's all smiles.

9 - Her favorite toys make a crinkly noise.

10 - She has beautiful blue eyes and dimples that will melt your heart.

11 -No matter where she is, if she hears her big brother Ian, she will turn her head in his direction.  She loves her brothers!

12 - She has my hair color.

13 - She looks like her older brother Ian when he was a baby.

14 - She rocked her heart surgery...home in 3 days!

15 -  Hailey is the only delivery I had 100% natural and went into labor on my own.

16 -  People seem drawn to her.  No matter where we are, people stop and talk to her and smile at her.

17 -  Hailey likes to sleep with a blanket rubbed against her face.

18 -  She LOVES to jabber...if you don't talk back to her in a time that she feels is acceptable, she will increase her volume until you do talk to her!

19 -  She is ticklish everywhere...under her chin, her neck, her stomach, her thigh.

20 - When I was pregnant with her, we called her Jellybean.  Now we call her Hailey Bean or just Bean.  We sometimes call her peanut because she was so small before her heart surgery.

21 - Hailey has received prayers across the country. We will forever be grateful for them.

Following are the explanation why Hailey always needs a barrette or bow in her hair...Check out this mess!

Ian LOVES jumping into Hailey's pics!

Lunch time got the best of Hailey today.
Getting really sleepy





  1. Haha, those last few pictures are priceless!! Love it :)

  2. The hair! The falling asleep eating! I almost fell off my chair looking at them. Love all the little things about you Hailey Bean!