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The Hailey Herald

Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 for 21: Day 29: Living

I know Thursday we talked about what we wish people would get about DS.  I think the biggest is that we LIVE our lives just as most families.  Down syndrome doesn't make us house-bound families.  We aren't ashamed to go out because of our child's "condition".  We go to church, restaurants, movies, amusement parks, school, etc.  We LIVE.  For some of us, our child with DS isn't our only child.  Regardless, our children with DS are an equal part of our family.  Hailey isn't our entire family or a bigger part of our family.  Her diagnosis doesn't control our family or take over all aspects of it.  We add her therapies into our calendar just as we add Brayden's religion class and basketball games and Ian's soccer practices and playdates. 

Today was that typical day of us living.  The boys had their last soccer games of the fall season and Miss Hailey had her last lunch in the stroller in the middle of the game (at least for this season).  We have a neighborhood Halloween party this evening and another party tonight for my husband's work.  Granted it is a busy day but oh well ;-)

I hope that one day, pregnant women who receive a prenatal diagnosis will be given all of the correct information.  Yes, they should receive the medical information...possible heart defects, thyroid issues, vision testing, etc, but they should also receive information from parents who are living with children that have Down syndrome.  The entire story.  I think this information could possibly change the statistic of abortion rates with prenatal diagnosis. 

Here are pics of us "living" today!

Tired before the games even began!

It was nippy this morning!

Big brother Bray in the black hat

Thanks for lunch, mom

My little man, E

Watching his teammates as he takes a break little #3 looks small compared to the other guys

Big brother cheering from the sidelines
Dad, are we almost finished?

Dad, did you hear...this is the last game!

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  1. Cute little pumpkin!

    The boys look like they enjoy soccer. Finished for another year. Whew!

    I agree about people seeing us just living with our kids. Chuck and I feel that Beth joined our family already in progress. SHE became a part of our family, not Down Syndrome. Yes it's going to change your family a little, but it shouldn't completely take over.